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TechCronus has extensive experience of the Microsoft technologies and have hands on experience on developing custom application based on the different technologies like ASP.NET, VB.NET, C# and Silverlight. With our early adoption of the Microsoft technology, we are an ideal partner to develop your custom application based on the Microsoft technologies.

TechCronus’ services covers the complete application development lifecycle. Using our .NET services we provide you with customizable and reusable solutions for complex and large programming tasks, be it a superior graphic design, database design and setup, or web development.

Our service offering based on Microsoft technologies include:

There are various challenges for customers in developing innovative products such as:

  • » R&D and testing services for validation of a solution
  • » Resource constraints in terms of skill sets and infrastructure
  • » Product launch within the opportunity window

TechCronus can help you to overcome these challenges and help you develop and deliver your product within the predefined time frame.

We understand the importance of collaboration between development teams and our customers for an early product delivery. We progress projects in a series of iterations. Prior to each iteration, development teams meet our customers to prioritize the work. At the end of each iteration, the team delivers a potentially shippable product increment.

We employ a process that is based on the best practices of Agile Methodology. Its adoption depends on the product stage and your unique situation. For example, a well-defined piece of work can be quickly developed using a typical SDLC while a "changed requirements" type of work would be done through agile / iterative development.

Benefits of our Product Development Services include:

  • » Optimum utilization of internal resources
  • » Speed time-to-market
  • » Enhance product performance and functionalities via access to a skilled engineering team
  • » Increased ROI by reusing platforms and technology investments
  • » Shorten product development cycle time
  • » Improved market agility
  • » Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your products to increase profitability and market share

Any Platform – Any Solution to Meet Your Needs

Immaterial of the industry, size or complexity of the project, TechCronus can develop software based on the needs of your business. We provide integrated custom application development business solutions to our clients by providing their employees, customers, and business partners' necessary and relevant information on demand. We specialize in developing applications that provide secured access at any desired time from any desired location.

TechCronus' modular Client/Server applications are developed using Microsoft .NET framework and we excel at developing enterprise wide work flow applications using the latest Microsoft technologies.

Our services include GUI design, database design, secured transaction processing, and web-based distributed objects. Our solutions integrate the PC, workstation and mainframe for a scalable enterprise-wide Implementation. We use our proven design methodology to ensure a consistent and predictable execution of our clients' objectives.

Our Software development process enables you to:

  • » Boost ROI
  • » Zero down risks of project failures
  • » Augment predictability
  • » Improve customer satisfaction

We carry out your application development with a range of development methods, like Rapid Application development Agile Software Development that has helped reduce the development time significantly.

In today's environment, businesses are highly dependent on IT systems for day to day operations. As your business evolves, applications need to change to suit new business scenarios. Application Support and Maintenance is an important element towards enhancing and extending the life of the applications. TechCronus focuses on seamlessly maintaining and transforming your business-critical applications to meet changing business needs.

TechCronus' application maintenance & support services help you get the best out of your existing IT applications. The services span offshore/onshore ability analysis, maintainability analysis, maintenance and enhancement and are delivered using the best practiced Delivery Models. Our support practice will ensure that they evolve with your business, reduce system downtime and help you focus on strategic initiatives by minimizing the time spent on routine activities.

The deliverables of the application support services contract are as below:

  • » Performance enhancements
  • » Solving day-to-day operational issues
  • » Maintenance of existing code
  • » Development of add-ins to the application
  • » Version control of the application source code

TechCronus provides world-class risk mitigated migration / modernization solutions to clients across the world.

We leverage upon modern platforms / architects for automated translation of business logic. Architecture consulting, SOA, componentization, code reuse and data migration, application support and migration of legacy mainframe applications, mainframe & legacy system integration are some of the services that we offer clients for application migration and modernization.

Our application migration capabilities are:

  • » Legacy Application re-design/ re-transform/ re-engineer
  • » Migration to multiple databases or database upgrade/migration to web platforms
  • » GUI migration
  • » Application implementation, training & maintenance and support
  • » Database Migration
  • » Migration of applications in the same platform
  • » Migration of applications across platforms & technologies
  • » Migration of databases and data servers
  • » Legacy Application Modernization

Key Benefits of Application Migration:

  • » Reduction in overall cost
  • » Increased agility
  • » Faster processing
  • » Increased productivity
  • » Minimize disruption to business continuity
  • » Easily adaptable system
  • » Chance to exploit new opportunities
  • » Increased security

About Techcronus

TechCronus is a global provider of Business Solutions Consulting and Implementation Company. We take complete responsibility of our customer's software projects development.

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