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Distribution Industry Solutions

Wholesale distributors today often find themselves squeezed between increasing customer demands, competitive pressures, and spread of manufacturers across the globe. At Techcronus we work with you to develop right software solution for your wholesale distribution process automation.

Using our distribution software solutions, your organization will be able to achieve following benefits:

  • Monitor and evaluate your company‚Äôs current performance and opportunities

  • Ensure transparent and accurate inventory data and take control of your inventory to minimize your cost

  • Speed up your order handling process

  • Optimize your warehouse layout and space utilization

  • Eliminate manual processes and streamline warehouse operations for fast, accurate fulfillment that avoids costly noncompliance penalties

  • Integrate labelling and shipping into pick/pack and invoicing processes, even with multiple warehouses

  • Empower your workforce to save time, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction

  • Gain visibility into your most profitable products, customers, and opportunities

Our Distribution Industry Solution Offerings:

  • Distribution ERP

  • Warehouse & Inventory Management System

  • Business intelligence and analytics solution

  • Custom software development

  • Field sales mobile app

  • Text Hover
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