How Ios 11 And Swift 4.0 Will Earn You Success?

Do you know?

“According to Statista, 180 billion apps had been downloaded from Apple’s app store considering the last report by Apple for cumulative app downloads.”

The matter of fact is, mobile is the future.

The upswing of automation of business process using advanced technologies and latest trends become the talk of the town. Dominating the smartphone era, whether it’s a software or hardware, Apple continues to broaden its horizons by introducing advanced, quick, and efficient products.


As an instance, Swift 4.0 is officially released. Going at the core, Swift is a powerful programming language for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS apps. Swift 4.0 is a major upgrade to bring robustness and stability in iOS app development.

Counted as a major language release to build robust, lighter, feature-rich applications, Swift is significantly drawing the attention of iOS developers across the globe.

Swift 4.0: What You Need to Know about Apple’s Major Upgrade?
The three-year-old successor to the Objective-C, Swift 4.0 offers enhanced features to deliver robustness and stability in apps. It provides source code compatibility with Swift 3, improved package manager, improved standard library, serialization, and much more in Swift 4.0 update.

Keeping technical side apart, why you need to rethink about your iOS app development using Swift 4.0?



At present, the Swift is considered as awell-designed modern language that has potential to build rapid, efficient, and scalable applications. Moreover, Apple is ruling the IT world with unconventional software paradigms and hardware updates. Considering these facts and technology upgrade, building an iOS app using enhanced features and latest concept can yield a higher growth for your business.

The world of app development is constantly evolving with more practical, stable, and future-vision concepts. Objective–C has been around for many years and now the entire focus is transferred to Swift, making it a real buzzword nowadays. Swift can be used to develop enterprise apps following protocol-oriented architecture that influences a large iOS app development market. Apple has taken Swift programming model to the whole new level that ultimately offers secure, modern, and easy environment for coding.

Now, when you see the entire picture considering maximum perspectives, you will able to see that Apple’s Swift update is meant to design app rapidly by giving a modern technology touch. It’s how Apple made clear vision about the ‘next programming language – Swift’.

Recently, Apple has announced the iOS 11 update which is the second big thing that has drawn the significant attention of the world with the smartphone revolution of iPhone X.

What Would Be The Next? How It Affects To Your Business?
Apparently, right from the user experience, strategy, and execution, each of these playing an equally important role to determine the success of an iOS app. As application development is quite necessary for your business, let’s see how it brings change to the business.

Many renowned enterprises such as Lyft, LinkedIn, and American Airlines have adopted Swift to get benefits like:

  • Superior app performance
  • Advanced and updated iOS 11 support
  • Customization and dynamic libraries
  • Open source advantage
  • Target audience across all the platforms

Apple’s Swift has been one of the widely-used programming languages over the world. Apple and IBM moved to Swift framework for the development of more scalable and advanced mobile apps.

It’s time to recognize the Apple’s Swift and iOS features and hire swift iOS app development company to convert your requirements into commendable apps.

The amalgamation of iOS 11 and Swift 4.0 are bound to make an impact in the iOS app development. If you have an app idea and want to execute it, we can help you for the same. With the latest features and equivalent skill sets, one can definitely gain higher ROI and visibility through a well-designed mobile app.

Will iOS 11 And Swift 4.0 Play the Role of Game Changer in App Development?
To make intuitive apps that can stand out from the rest, there is a need to have amore robust architecture that is faster, safer, and smoother.

With seamless user experience, faultless execution, and real-time changes, simultaneously one can achieve the objectives of an app.The combination of Swift 4.0 with the compatibility of iOS 11 can bring many benefits for your business.


As Swift is open-source framework, it is evolving day-by-day to fulfill the real-time business needs. The end users as well as IT professionals are considering this as a revolution for iOS devices. To identify the potential behind the newest updates and aspects, developers have to adopt new technologies.

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