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As a desktop and web application development framework-ecosystem, .Net is among the best technologies available in the market. But, it’s as good as the developers working on it. So hire the best .Net technology developers or team from Techchronus to leverage world-class expertise to meet your business goals. 

Here, we will provide some insights on what to look for when hiring .Net developers effectively and display how Techrnous is the best fit to serve your needs.

What is .Net Technology?

Dot Net or .Net is a free, cross-platform, and open-source software development framework that integrates many different technologies. You can use it to simplify the development process of client/server applications. Dot Net can be used to build scalable, high-performance Desktop, Mobile, or Cloud applications. Dot Net developers can even develop enterprise solutions to manage data pooling, transactions, and security.

Logical Thinking

It can be considered one of the most necessary traits for any programmer, as programming is based on logical connection.

Problem-solving skill

It is also an equally important skill. It is considered the core of computer science.

Time Management

Time management skills will allow developers to set correct priorities so they can find time for recreational activities too.

Communication skill

The importance of communication skills can not be underestimated as it enables them to enhance their experience and professional development.


It allows you to respond to the change in requirements quickly.


 It is also necessary for your team members to effectively work together toward their common goal to produce flawless software.

The Skill Set You Need to Look For When Hiring .Net Developer

To screen the best out of mediocre and to decide who is good enough to be shortlisted for further interviews, you’ll need to come up with skill parameters. .Net developers are indeed scarce, but you also don’t want to waste your team’s time by inviting weak candidates for technical interviews. So let’s start with basic technical skills:

Skill Set of .Net Developer

Skill Set of .Net Developer

  • Familiarity with C# is a must, but knowledge of libraries and frameworks such as ASP.Net MVC or Entity framework is important. It is also important not to exclude any candidate who has limited or no exposure to a single framework as .Net frameworks are very similar, and if a candidate is conversant with one framework can easily migrate to the required one.
  • It is advisable to look for 3-4 years experienced persons. You can expect a good developer to find and utilize codes that are available in different sources. Test: A good .Net developer should be able to decide what part of the code needs testing and test necessary parts of the codes. Backend skills such as Azure, Databases, MTA .Net Core can be an added advantage.

The Benefits Of Using .Net 

The below-listed pros make .Net an ideal choice for developing web applications and especially for the server-side:

  • Excellent cross-platform and cross-language compatibility
  • Quick deployment
  • Better system stability
  • Good scope for employing security provisions
  • Fast go to market time
  • Code interoperability

You can take full advantage of these aspects by hiring dedicated .Net developers on an ad hoc basis or a full team of developers with QA from Techronus, depending on your business model and future plans.

The Benefits Of Using .Net
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Based on your project/product goals, we assess the business & technical needs and document the scope for a smooth execution.



We start with creating a sketch/ wireframe of the software and then proceed towards designing a rich user interface envisaging the end user experience.



We take complete responsibility right from designing a scalable architecture, creating a database model, developing the functionalities to conducting unit tests of your software.


QA Testing

We follow industry standard QA / QC practices to ensure that the software meets quality standards and is delivered as per your requirement.



Enterprises and Corporates trust us for Out-of-the-box or Tailormade software solutions with on-premie or cloud implementation.



We provide special assistance to Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) that allows them to cross the line marked in the sand.



We help startups and entrepreneurs scale-up rapidly and reduce time-to-market of their products.


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