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Choosing the right back-end technology is a crucial task in the planning stage of software or app development. The back-end technology will define both the development cost and the subsequent maintenance costs. It will also determine how scalable the software or app is and how fast it can be deployed to the end-users. 

Node.JS is a back-end technology platform that powers JS scripts to run outside browsers. Node.Js is released under the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) license that allows the use of Node.Js free for commercial purposes as well. JavaScript can be termed the most popular client-side programming language, and together with the JavaScript framework, Node.Js is in high demand. This has led to numerous giants using Node.Js which includes Netflix, IBM, Microsoft, and PayPal.

What Is Node.JS And How Different It Is From JavaScript?

To put it simply, Node.JS is an application runtime environment that allows coders to write server-side applications using JavaScript. Node.Js contains a rich library collection that allows JavaScript to execute non-blocking operations to obtain details about hardware or certificates. 

Node.JS is a Free, Open-Source server-side framework that uses single-threaded asynchronous architecture, which makes it unique since other server-side frameworks use synchronous architecture. Due to the use of asynchronous architecture, Node.Js enables the execution of a large number of connections with high output. Node.Js is lightweight and efficient, which makes it suitable for data-intensive real-time applications. 

Node.Js provides the flexibility of combining components together. Node.Js is considered stable enough to deploy in highly complex applications. You should take Node.Js into consideration when you are planning to build a web application or web API, or server-side custom solution. The main use of Node.js is building web applications in real-time, but mobile app development is also possible.

JavaScript is a programming language, and Node.Js is an environment that enables JavaScript to run outside of a website. JavaScript mainly runs client-side activities, while Node.Js runs server-side activities. JavaScript can run on any engine while Google Chrome V8. These are the striking differences between Javascript and Node.Js.

Thus, Node.Js developers can play an instrumental role in making your software/app highly scalable, versatile, and implement integrations with a wide range of third-party software packages.

Skill Set Essential For A Node.Js Developer:

Hiring a skilled Node.Js developer isn’t an easy task as there is a high demand and short supply of skilled coders. But still, you need to hire a Node.Js Developer who can skillfully accomplish tasks assigned without oversight. These skills you should note when hiring a Node.Js developer team and remote developers:

  • Normally a Node.Js should be a team player since team size is bigger when it comes to Node.Js projects are mostly large scale, and for the same reason, the person should understand Agile methodology so that project gets delivered on time.
  • The developer should also understand the intricacies of the front-end and basic functions of UX/UI. They prioritize requirements of the front-end as well as provide back-end activities smooth and flawless.
  • Should be proficient in JavaScript.
Developer Skill Required
skill required for developer

Skill Set Essential For A Node.Js Developer:

  • Apart from that, Node.Js must have extensive experience coding with Node.Js/Express.Js and other popular platforms. 
  • NodeJs developers must be conversant with Typescript/CoffeeScript. 
  • NodeJs Coders also need to understand Docker, MySQL, AWS and other tools necessary for deployment.
  • NodeJs developers must be good at JavaScript, HTML, HTML5,CSS. NodeJs developers should have a working knowledge of other programming languages such as C, PHP.
  • NodeJs developers should be able to write readable, testable and reusable code.

Techchronus: Your One-Stop Destination For All Node.Js Development

Techcronus has one of the most skilled Node.Js developer teams, and we offer both ad hoc and remote developer team hiring options. We maintain the latest stack of tools and ensure timely training sessions to keep our Node.Js developers updated with the latest innovations.

If you are looking to outsource Node.Js development or partner with an IT company for your project, feel free to get in touch with Techcronus now.

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