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Last year in 2020, there were approximately 218 billion mobile apps downloaded. In today’s world, people turn to their smartphones for almost each of their needs. No wonder 42% of small businesses plan to have their mobile application. It is commonly assumed that mobile app development is a costly and time-consuming process but that’s not always the case. Using cross-platform mobile app development solutions like React Native can be a great alternative especially for SMBs.

And if you are already in the process of building mobile apps and weighing out options then React Native must have been one of the tech stacks you considered as an alternative.

What Is React Native

React Native is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript framework used to create mobile applications by Facebook. JavaScript is a popular programming language used by 67.8% of developers. 

Mobile apps created using React Native framework render natively both on iOS and Android and it helps you save money, time, and resources. Not so long ago to develop an iOS and Android app, one would need separate teams to aim at both ecosystems, and having two different teams would mean costlier development and maintenance. React Native has been maturing ever since its launch in 2015.

Being a cross-platform technology, it speeds up the development process drastically. On the other hand, the support available is sizable due to it being open-source and widely accepted in the industry.

Advantages Of Using React Native

Not only open-source and cross-platform but shorter development time is also considered as one of the major USPs for React Native. The framework provides a large number of ready-to-use components to shorten the development process. On top of that React Native allows you to reuse code partially between iOS and Android. 

Developing with JavaScript also allows you to share codebase to web applications. Moreover, React Native allows hot reloading that allows you faster adding new features and bugs fixing. React Native boasts to have a large active developer community, simplified UI, and rich ecosystem.

Skill Requirement Of A React Native Developer

  • JavaScript ES6 is a must-have skill for a React Native developer. Understanding and coding experience using React Native framework required. Developer should have good knowledge of using React Native APIs, libraries, and components. 
  • Knowledge of Redux, command on iOS and Android development, compiling debugging, testing optimizing can be considered basic requirements for any React Native developer. 
  • Soft skills such as good communication skills, problem-solving approach, team player, and open-mindedness would make developers an excellent addition to your team.

What Advantages Techcronus Offers For React Native Mobile App Development

We have invested our resources in building a highly talented team of engineers as our core competency. We will work with you to understand your needs to offer you cutting-edge technology solutions. Our team can fully meet your React Native mobile app development or app maintenance needs so that you don’t have to go through a tedious and tiresome vetting process. 

Techcronus is open to inking appropriate SLAs and NDAs which makes us a good fit for all business sizes. Also, you will get weekly and monthly progress reports apart from insights into the project progress. Still, wondering if you should hire React Native mobile app developers or go for other technologies? Feel free to contact Techcronus now.

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Based on your project/product goals, we assess the business & technical needs and document the scope for a smooth execution.



We start with creating a sketch/ wireframe of the software and then proceed towards designing a rich user interface envisaging the end user experience.



We take complete responsibility right from designing a scalable architecture, creating a database model, developing the functionalities to conducting unit tests of your software.


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We follow industry standard QA / QC practices to ensure that the software meets quality standards and is delivered as per your requirement.



Enterprises and Corporates trust us for Out-of-the-box or Tailormade software solutions with on-premie or cloud implementation.



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