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Subscription Based Ecommerce Gifting Portal

This unique eCommerce website is intended for French users as a couple (men and women) who seek quick solutions, simple to improve their well-being, their relationship as a couple. As a subscriber of the portal, you get an exceptional gift every month which you can offer to your partner on different occasions like birthday, anniversary or date. It offers a new way to discover and buy gifts with the monthly subscription, an original classification by choice and a recommendation algorithm.

Key Features:

  • The user takes a subscription on the website for his/her companion. There are different subscription ranges 29 €/49 €/69 €.
  • User can choose one product per month under the monthly theme in different categories like naughty, epicurean, greedy, relaxing, floral.
  • In addition to this service, the user can record his or her key dates such as date of meeting or wedding or birthday to get notifications by mail or/and SMS.
  • The gifts are proposed according to the algorithm based on gender of the partner, location and preferences.
  • There is a voucher/greeting card designing facility available on the website. For example, a voucher for 1 massage for his/her partner to dispose.
  • User can select delivery address and make payment online to confirm the monthly subscription. They also have option to cancel or upgrade the plan anytime.
  • Also, there is a webshop from where the user can buy additional products at cheaper prices apart from his monthly subscription products.




PHP, WordPress – Web App

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