Why Angular is The Best Framework For Web App Development

Nowadays, many frameworks are a mix of existing tools. Compared to other web app development frameworks, Angular is the next generation framework, which is used for building interactive web applications for desktop and mobile. It was developed to simplify front-end development. If you have confusion between AngularJS and Angular, let us help you clear that.

AngularJS is a JavaScript based front end development framework. In comparison, Angular is TypeScript based web application framework and a complete rewrite of AngularJS. Let’s explore why Angular is the best JavaScript framework for building web apps.

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What makes Angular a great framework for web app development?

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  • Popular among the developer It has great developer support services. One of the reasons why Angular got popular among new adaptors is because of its support factors.
  • Angular framework compatible with running on all browser environments regardless of the OS and architecture.
  • It features off-the-rack tools and robust components which makes developers’ job worry free.
  • Bi-directional data binding feature. It disperses influence after every set of data-change.

1. Feature Rich

Angular comes with multiple ready-made components and tools which reduce development time. Angular provides many useful features such as data binding, form validation, scope management, directives and API client. These features make web app development more straightforward and robust. Detection and troubleshooting of error are also easier.

2. Support From Google

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As Google is supporting and backing Angular rel=”nofollow”
. It is a big relief for the developers. As Google involved, the developers feel that Google will be taking care of the development of the development and quality of the framework. Because of this, the developers are assured that the strong code base will provide full support to the application they are developing.

3. Declarative User Interface

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Angular uses HTML for application user-interface. As HTML is a declarative language, it is more intuitive compared to defining UI procedurally using JavaScript. Instead of investing efforts on the program flows and defining what should get loaded first, you can define what you want, and Angular will handle the dependencies. Using HTML, there are fewer chances of things breaking as reorganising the code is simpler and easier in HTML.

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4. Lesser Code

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In Angular, developers don’t have to write their own MVC pipeline. The view is defined using HTML. Data models can be written without getter-setter methods. Data-binding doesn’t require a developer to put data into the view manually. Another team can write directives in parallel with minimal integration efforts at last since directives are separate from app code. Using filters, developers can manipulate data on the view level without making any change in the controller. This all results in less amount of code, which is surely a big deal.

5. Ready for Unit Testing

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Angular is unit testing ready. What do we mean by that? Let us explore! Angular is linked by Dependency Injection. It manages your controllers and scopes. All controllers are depended on Dependency Injection to pass information. Angular’s unit tests inject mock data into the controller and measure the output and behaviour. For the same, Angular comes with mock HTTP provider so that fake server responses can be injected into controllers for testing. This is far better compared to the traditional way of testing web apps.

Angular is one of the best framework for web app development

As we read in the article, there are multiple significant benefits of using Angular for web app development. Angular is promising and an excellent choice for web developers because it is feature rich and enables the development of top-notch web applications.  Angular is an excellent choice for companies and developers who already use TypeScript.

However, Angular is not suitable for the development of all types of web application. Angular will not fit your needs if you are writing a game or developing a computationally heavy math program.

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