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Application Maintenance & Support Services


Keep your business online 24*7 with our Application Maintenance and Support Services

Today, businesses are application-driven and want seamless applications for the sleek functioning of business processes. The fast-growing market dynamics require that businesses keep their applications updated in order to gain a benefit over the competition and see growth in business.

Application maintenance and support services are strived at ensuring that applications are highly convenient, secure, and stay relevant to current business needs. We have proven experience in maintaining enterprise software systems with SLA driven support process. Our support system will ensure that it minimizes system downtime and help you focus on strategic actions by reducing the time given on regular maintenance activities.

Techcronus is well versed in application maintenance and support. The results offer higher security, improved work performance, and better use of resources without any wastage of time, or money. We help to reduce the cost of app maintenance and support so that you get more benefits from your IT products.

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Application Maintenance and Support Service Offerings

Here are few challenges businesses face when it comes to efficient app maintenance and support

  • Designing a solution to lower support costs of ownership for long-term cost reduction.
  • Customization of the applications to meet the needs of changing business environments.
  • Cutting down on the usage of the venerable mainframes for maintenance of legacy applications.
  • Legacy product re-engineering and migration
  • Deficient documentation of existing applications.
  • Inflexible and unnecessary systems leading to uncontrollable IT portfolio.
  • Cohering to the highest quality standards when it comes to application development and maintenance.
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Range of Application Maintenance and Support Services We Offer

  • Application and database support
  • Cloud infrastructure management
  • Release management
  • Change management
  • Configuration and issues management
  • Source code version control
  • Documentation and knowledge management
  • 24*7 technical support
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Why choose Techcronus for Application Maintenance and Support Services?

  • Lower costs and higher ROI
  • Improved application quality and performance
  • 24/7 support to ensure quick turnaround time
  • Lesser to no down time for business critical applications
  • Flexible approach to meet business needs
  • Documentation and knowledge management
  • Migrate to the latest and emerging technologies

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Business Benefits With Application Maintenance Services


Leverage various capabilities and get individual approaches and a variety of flexible engagement models tailored to your business requirements and budget goals.


Improve efficiency through a systematic execution approach focused on constant system progress and innovative speedup of operational practices.


Get a comprehensive view of the power of your networks, security support, and applications to locate and identify fragility and avoid sudden disruptions in processes.


With a detailed and progressive agreement matrix and SLAs to fully support you according to scale, deliver scalable solutions that are easy to grow and configure.

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