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Microsoft Power BI Managed Service

Enhance your analytics team and capabilities with managed data and analytic solutions to improve expertise, effectiveness, and cost-efficiency.


Microsoft Power BI Managed Services

At Techcronus, we specialise in Power BI delivery as part of a Managed Service package. Our team of experts can help you unlock the full potential of Power BI and use it to drive your business forward.

With Managed Services from Techcronus, you can optimize the implementation, configuration, customization, administration, and support for your BI solution:

  • Technical Experts
  • Scaling Power BI solutions within an organization can present unique and Our team of experienced Power BI developers can help you design and build custom solutions that meet your unique business needs. We can help you connect to your data sources, build data models, create interactive reports and dashboards, and automate your data workflows.

  • Flexible Subscription Model
  • We offer flexible engagement models to suit your needs. Whether you need a short-term development project or ongoing managed services, we can provide the resources you need to succeed with Power BI.

  • Ongoing Support / On-Call Power BI Experts
  • We provide ongoing support to ensure your Power BI solution remains up-to-date and continues to meet your evolving business needs. Our team of experts can help you troubleshoot issues, optimize your solution, and provide training and guidance to help you get the most out of Power BI.

  • Power BI Data Coach
  • In the dynamic realm of business analytics, continuous learning is essential. We assist our clients in fostering data-driven cultures. Utilize Power BI Premier Support to offer on-call mentoring, training, and collaborative development opportunities for your teams.

  • Harnessing 360-Degree Expertise
  • Within our team of Certified Power BI consultants, we offer more than just report building. We provide comprehensive assistance encompassing Power BI administration, governance, security, data modelling, continuous deployment, and the entire Microsoft Fabric.

    Why Power BI Managed Services?

  • Scaling a Power BI solution across an organization brings distinct and sometimes unforeseen hurdles.
  • With our monthly Power BI Managed Services support plan, you gain invaluable assistance in navigating the growth and adoption of Power BI throughout your organization.
  • As a trusted Microsoft Certified Partner, our team of Certified experts stands ready to complement your efforts by providing guidance on the dynamic Power Platform landscape.
  • Speak with one of our specialists to expedite your Power BI development

    Enterprise Solution

    Our Microsoft Power BI Managed Services Expertise

    We offer assistance in connecting to and managing a variety of data sources including D365, M365, SQL, SharePoint, Excel, Access, Snowflake etc. Additionally, we can help you discover new data sources that could prove valuable for your business.

    We specialize in transforming and modelling your data, preparing it for analysis and labelling it as 'business ready'. This involves establishing relationships between tables, defining calculated columns and measures, and organizing data into hierarchies for better grouping. Partnering with us guarantees that your data is finely tuned for analysis, catering to the needs of end users

    Our team excels in crafting custom calculations using DAX to enhance data analysis and unlock deeper insights. Additionally, we specialize in optimizing DAX formulas for optimal performance, ensuring your analytics processes run smoothly and efficiently

    We specialize in crafting visually stunning and interactive reports and dashboards that empower you to seamlessly interact with your data and extract deeper insights. Collaborating closely with you, we'll tailor the visualizations to suit your specific business needs and preferences

    We offer expertise in leveraging Power Query to streamline and refine your data from diverse sources. From filtering and merging tables to comprehensive data transformation and cleansing, our specialists ensure your data is processed effectively and efficiently

    Why Microsoft Power BI

    Valuable Integrations for Microsoft Power BI

    • Microsoft Azure Services
    • Integration with Microsoft Azure services such as Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Lake Storage, and Azure Analysis Services enables seamless data connectivity and advanced analytics capabilities within Power BI. Managed service providers can assist in configuring these integrations to leverage the full potential of Azure's cloud-based services for data storage, processing, and analytics.

    • Microsoft Office 365 Suite
    • Power BI integrates tightly with other Microsoft Office 365 applications such as Excel, SharePoint, and Teams. This allows users to easily import data from Excel spreadsheets, publish Power BI reports to SharePoint portals, and collaborate on analytics projects within Teams channels. Managed service providers can facilitate these integrations to streamline workflows and enhance productivity across the organization.

    • Third-Party Data Sources
    • Power BI supports integration with a wide range of third-party data sources, including databases (e.g., MySQL, PostgreSQL), cloud services (e.g., Salesforce, Google Analytics), and APIs. Managed service providers can help configure these integrations, ensuring that data from disparate sources is seamlessly imported into Power BI for unified analysis and reporting.

    • Custom Visualizations and Extensions
    • Power BI allows developers to create custom visualizations and extensions using tools like JavaScript and D3.js. Managed service providers can assist in developing and integrating custom visuals and extensions tailored to specific business requirements. These customizations can enhance data visualization capabilities and provide deeper insights into key metrics and trends.

    • Business Intelligence Platforms
    • Integration with other business intelligence platforms such as Tableau, QlikView, or SAP BusinessObjects enables interoperability and data sharing across different analytics tools within the organization. Managed service providers can facilitate these integrations to create a unified analytics ecosystem, allowing users to leverage the strengths of each platform while maintaining data consistency and integrity.

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    Microsoft Power BI Benefits

      Power BI empowers you to turn your data into clear visuals and reports, enabling you to explore information from various sources, customize it, and create interactive dashboards that drive quicker and better data-based decisions.

    • Power BI Integrates with many of your existing applications
    • Power BI can be integrated with most existing business applications to retrieve/analyze data

    • Reporting
    • Key reports are a click away with the latest information that can be obtained each time the report or dashboard is refreshed

    • No specialized technical support required
    • The Power BI tool is user friendly and can be accessed by non-technical team members in a self-service manner.

    • Accurately extracting key business intelligence data
    • The reports are readily accessible with this tool anywhere, anytime through any of your smart devices

    • Drill-down functionality
    • Dive deeper into your data for in-depth visualizations and analyze information easily

    • Publish reports and dashboards
    • The Power BI platform helps you to set up an automatic data refresh and publish reports, allowing all the users to access the latest information

    • Acquire data from virtually anywhere
    • Power BI Desktop comes with a wide variety of on-premise and cloud data sources, structured and unstructured, with more being added every month

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    Microsoft Power BI Managed Services Packages

    Get expert support and maintenance for your Power BI solutions with our Managed Services Packages. From troubleshooting to performance optimization, we ensure your Power BI environment runs smoothly, allowing you to focus on insights, not IT headaches.

    Step - 1

    • img Power BI License Purchase and Setup
    • img Connect Upto 3 Data Sources
    • img 6 Report Pages (each page can include up to 4 charts)
    • img 250 GB Storage

    • img Modifications to Existing Reports
    • img 20 Hours of Adhoc Reporting and Insights
    • img Administration and maintenance activities for your Power BI tenant
    • img Implementation of Row-level Security (RLS).
    • img Assistance with creating complex DAX calculations
    • img Troubleshooting slow reports to enhance performance.
    • img Licensing questions and support
    • img Setting up Workspaces and Apps for optimal organisation.
    • img Configuring Data Gateways for seamless data access.
    • img Scheduling Data Refresh to keep your reports up to date.
    • img Expert guidance on data modeling and Power Query.

    • img Add Additional Data Sources
    • img Add Addtional Report Pages
    • img Add Addtional Power BI Licenses
    • img Add Addtional Cloud Storage

    Maximize Power BI Potential with Our Managed Services & Support

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