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Azure Cloud and DevOps Services

Azure Cloud and DevOps Consulting Services

Techcronus’ Microsoft Azure Cloud and DevOps Services helps enterprises to design and manage their cloud environment. We help enterprises orchestrate application performance, optimize cloud service costs, provide 24×7 critical support, change management, and implement best security practices – allowing you to focus on your core business

We work with you throughout your Azure Cloud Migration and Management journey right from analysing your business requirements, define the best suitable Azure cloud strategy, build cloud migration roadmap, move your workloads to Azure cloud, as well as manage and monitor your Azure environment.

This is how our Azure DevOps Development services will help you realize your business growth.

  • With the best Azure cloud practices used, your application uptime will be improved.
  • This is a toolchain that accelerates application build and release cycle for increased efficiently.
  • To track down the ideas and planning to collaborate among teams it has the best feature called azure board.
  • It can build, test and deploy applications irrespective of programming language and platform.
  • The feature of Azure Repos manages code in all version control systems with unlimited Git access.
  • With Azure DevOps doesn’t worry about security as it provides full security and compliance reports.
  • You not only will get access to technology resources and talented workforce to manage your Azure cloud environment, but also will be able to optimize cost, improve quality of service, and minimize risk.

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Microsoft Azure DevOps Services

Azure Cloud and DevOps Services We Offer

  • Deployment of the right teams, skillset, tools, and Governance. Techcronus guides you and helps in establishing an effective system development and tools that offers fully managed services.
  • Azure DevOps is known for its effective work management and planning that helps to establish your teams, activities, and strategies that suit best the environment.
  • The Seamless Interface is closely connected with various development and specializations, which includes apps, data and integration, and testing activities.
  • Azure pipeline development helps in automated code building, testing, and deploying. It helps to navigate the growth in complexity of software and develop CI/CD pipeline with any language, platform, and cloud.
  • DevOps offer speed and reliability to the software delivery cycle.
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How Azure DevOps Tools help to reach the desired growth

  • With Jenkins, we can set up continuous integration and delivery for software projects.
  • The tool called ansible helps users by automating the cloud with the features like provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment.
  • This chef automated solution for Azure helps to build and deploy your infrastructure along with the team. And it is also transparent across the development.
  • Puppet Enterprise automates the lifecycle of Azure infrastructure
  • Terraform cloud infrastructure tools do provisioning as the name suggests by configuring files that define the arrangement of cloud resources including virtual machines.
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Business Benefits of Azure Cloud and DevOps

Azure comes with various benefits in one package that can help your business towards growth.

  • Security
  • High-Reliability
  • Great Scalability.
  • From time to time access to new features.
  • Cloud Computing.
  • Platform Computing.
  • Accelerate Growth
  • Improved recovery
  • Flexibility
  • Solution-oriented
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