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Business Engagement Models

Techcronus offers forward-looking IT outsourcing engagement models to its clients that go over and beyond traditional outsourcing models. These models not only create a collaborative value chain but also offers true benefits of outsourcing.

We offer onsite, offsite as well as hybrid delivery models combined with strong project management skills to provide end-to-end services to our client.

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Fixed Price Model

Fixed pricing is a low risk option, and is useful when the scope of a project is clear along with its requirements and end results. We offer project-based fixed pricing model following well-defined estimation process.

Benefits of working with Fixed price model:
  • The scope and cost is fixed and known at the outset, hence everything is clearly defined and agreed upon before the start of the project
  • Risk to both parties is very less due to agreed scope and budgets
How this model works at Techcronus:
  • Provide project requirement specifications to us
  • We will estimate the requirement in terms of scope of work, cost, schedule, timeline and deliverables
  • Techno-commercial project proposal is shared with the customer with a fixed price
  • Contract is signed and project goes into execution
Fixed Price Model
Agile Development

Time & Material Model (T&M)

Time & Material model is suitable for evolving and dynamic requirements.This engagement model provides greater flexibility when developing a new product/add-on or in case of long-term support and maintenance projects.

Benefits of working with the T&M Model:
  • Agility and flexibility in getting your development job done
  • Reduce management overhead and control costs
  • Ensure tangible benefits and measurable results for assessment of the project
  • Client shares business requirement specifications or product idea to us
  • We do a preliminary analysis and provide an execution plan with no. of resources and skills required
  • Client hires either FTEs or buys fixed no. of resource hours per month
  • Cost is calculated based on no. of resources or hours allocated per month

Dedicated Development Team Model

In this model, a dedicated team operates as an extension of your existing development team. Project teams are augmented with the required team members including project managers, architects, designers, developers and testers. Required infrastructure and process setup are done by Techcronus for its client.

Benefits of working with Dedicated Development Team Model:
  • Same resources/team work for you throughout the project/product lifecycle
  • Easy accessibility of right pool of resources
  • Flexibility to scale up or scale down the team as required
  • High control on each stage of the project
  • Client shares details of technical skillset and resource requirements
  • We allocate matching resources from internal pool or hire from outside
  • We setup team with required infrastructure and security policies
  • Cost is calculated based on following
  • Number and type of resources
  • Extra infrastructure procured based on customer’s requirement
Waterfall Development

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