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Hire An Azure Developer


Hire An Azure Developer

2021 is a unique year in many ways. Apart from many other things, Microsoft Azure is the cloud computing platform that offers software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service and Infrastructure as a service. The services include but are not limited to Azure AI, Azure Container Service, Azure Active Directory, Azure Analytics, Azure Computer Services, Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Media Services.

Azure offers all-encompassing 600 cloud services and tools and supports most operating systems. Techcronus is one ofthe leading Microsoft Azure implementation partners serving businesses across the globe. Have a look at this quick briefing to see how you can hire Azure experts for your software or app-based business.

What Is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is one the most popular and reliable cloud platforms across the globe, with more than 200 services and products that help developers design and deploy innovative solutions. It enables software developers to design, build,test, and implement solutions on the edge, on-premise, and over single/multiple cloud environments.

With the support of dedicated enterprise-grade security and open source initiatives, it is one of the most versatile cloud platforms currently. It is used by some of the world’s largest corporations and governments. Some of its unique features also include developer productivity-focused architecture and 90+ compliance products to make it a comprehensive offering.

Techcronus specializes in Microsoft Azure-based cloud solutions and managed services with a dedicated team of Azure Cloud and Data Engineers.

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Hire Azure Developer Service Offerings

The Benefits Of Using Azure

The cloud is a web of interconnected remote servers, so first and foremost, Azure either replaces local Infrastructure or supplements the existing one. Azure eliminates the need to have your own data center as Azure runs from Microsoft’s data center. The various services it offers improve functioning and resolve bottlenecks of your enterprise. Many businesses utilize capabilities and a wide array of services Microsoft Azure offers to optimize their business models.

MS Azure offers to scale up or down based on demand. In spite of very competitive costs, it offers top-notch customer services. MS Azure also offers unmatched flexibility and offers host application building blocks and services to customize according to your need.

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Hire Azure Developer in India

  • Our Azure developer will plan a strategy for implementing Microsoft Azure Cloud for your business.
  • Get dedicated techno-functional support for your Azure Development needs.
  • Automate build in release processes with Azure CI/CD and DevOps implementation.
  • Monitor and get customised alerts for any events using Azure Monitor.
  • Increase scalability and performance of your applications.
  • Get best-in-class Azure cloud managed services support.
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Contact Techcronus For Azure Cloud Services

At Techcronus, we have a highly qualified and experienced team of Azure cloud engineers with extensive experience in transforming systems to Microsoft Azure-based systems. We offer migration services, re-architecting product to complete the transformation of the system. We provide honest and open expert insight into your organization’s needs and the best solutions for an efficient transition. We have a reputation for on-time project completion, and we guarantee we will meet all the deadlines agreed. We offer services, including Hiring Remote Azure Cloud Experts.

Looking for remote Azure experts or hiring teams on an ad hoc basis, get a quote from Techcronus now.

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Job Description Of An Azure Expert

There are various jobs, from building and deploying Azure-based solutions to maintaining an Azure-based system. But the key role of an Azure expert is to integrate and implement a complete solution that meets scalability and flexibility needs of the project. Here’s a job description for Azure expert that you can use for reference:

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert is planning, designing and implementing Azure-based solutions
  • Manage Azure subscriptions and profiles.
  • Monitor resources and log analytics.
  • Manage storage solutions, virtual hard disks, database files, user data and application data.
  • Working with Windows and Unix.
  • Create and Manage Swap spaces.
  • Balancing the workload and deploying them.
  • Write a custom script to automate support processes.
  • Managing public and private IPs.
  • Maintenance of the solutions. Providing technical expertise.
  • Securing data from unauthorized access. Configuring virtual networks.
  • Setting up private and cloud systems.
  • Implementing cost-effective cloud-based according to the needs of the organization.

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Why Choose Techcronus For Hiring Azure Developer?

Dedicated Support
Dedicated Support

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Top-Rated Company

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Hire Experts

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Modern Infrastructure

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Local Support

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Save Up-To 60%

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