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10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Mobile App Development

September 27, 2018

Businesses today are driven by the technology in one or the other ways. People tend to use the technology available on their mobile devices more often than using desktop or laptop devices. Thanks to the billions of mobile apps available in the Apple Store and Google Play store today. Now as a business user, one can handle almost all the daily activities using mobile/tablet devices including responding to emails, chatting with the customer, preparing for a presentation, viewing sales report, checking news updates and more.

Global mobile app downloads will surpass 284 billion by 2020. The mobile app development can bring many benefits to your business. Whether you are an online or physical store, large enterprise or a small business owner, your business can get benefit from mobile app development.

Read on to understand 10 crucial reasons to invest in mobile app development to accelerate your business growth.

Want to Hire a Mobile App Developer?

Your business is visible to your customers always

People spend a good amount of time on their mobile phones for various purposes. Have you ever thought about benefits of having your business mobile app in your customers’ mobile device? This would continuously give a boost to your business.

Having a Business mobile app gives you access to communicate with your customers and partners. Using a mobile app, you are able to share important business updates, special offers, promotions, product announcements with your customers which will increase the customer engagement and save a lot of communication time.

Create a Direct Marketing Channel

Mobile apps can serve as the best marketing channel for your business. It can offer you capabilities like casual and general information exchange, booking forms, price updates, promotions, search features, news feeds, messengers, reminders and more.

Having these types of features makes it easier for your mobile app to be a one-stop shop for your customers. Through push notifications, it is easy for you to get connected and interact with your customers. You can also automate the process of customer reminders about your products, services, and payments the way you want.

Mobile Commerce

There has been an exponential grown in Mobile commerce industry since 2012. Customers are making more purchases with mobile commerce apps than from a website. Thanks to the great features offered by mobile apps like Mobile payments, Digital wallets, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay or Amazon Pay, In-app purchases, Proximity marketing and more.

During a recent study, 500 companies, which adopted a mobile commerce approach to selling their products or services, showed an 80% increase in sales. These statistics clearly show that there is no alternative to build a mobile commerce app for your business.

Mobile payments and Better Conversion Rate

If you want to sell a product or service through your mobile application, then you have to have a way to take payments through the app from your customers. There are various options available for mobile app payments which include wallets, in-app purchase, PayPal, CC & DC payments etc. They are fast and secure payment options ensuring that customer payment information is safe.

mCommerce applications allow you to integrate digital content and social sharing to increase your conversion rate. You can also provide product recommendations and testimonials to your customers to help them decide whether to buy your product or not. Sure, this is stuff that you can do on a website but consider the fact that mobile applications are readily accessible.

Brand Building and Recognition

Having a mobile app for your business helps you a lot in your brand building activities. A well-designed and curated mobile app effectively promotes your brand and eliminates the heavy cost of physical advertisements like billboards and signages.

Also, the more often you can gain recognition for your brand, the sooner customers will begin to purchase your products and services.

Improve your Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is crucial for any product or service sales. The product or service you are offering, you want to make sure that you can engage with your customers easily and the customers can reach you back with their queries, demos or inquiries.

Using a real-time chat, help desk or geo-targeted advertisement features in your mobile app can make sure this happens. This type of communication also eliminates the need for unwanted phone call or meetings.

Have An Awesome Idea For Your Mobile App Development?

Real-Time Data Capture

Data plays a vital role for any business whether it is sales, customers, suppliers or financial data. With the mobile app, you can easily get important insights like what the customers typically do in your app, which product or service they visit the most, period during which the most sales happen, most promising geographies etc.

This information not only helps you in making the right business decision but also helps you offering right content to your customers at a right time and at a right place.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Every business wants to create and retain a loyal customer who engages with them in continued profitable business. With a mobile app connection, you can show your customers that you understand their needs and you care about them.

With the Business mobile app, you can offer customer reward and loyalty programs like free vouchers, gift coupons, free membership upgrade and more. This will not only help you increase the customer satisfaction but also boosting the sales.

Improved Customer Care

Your customer care will be 24*7*365 online with the mobile app. You can provide the customer care services through product guides, reviews, frequently asked questions and helpdesk support all within your mobile app.

Going one step ahead, you can also offer live chat support with chat bots in your mobile app which eliminates the need of having a customer care rep being available 24*7. Isn’t it a great cost saving deal?

Bunch of Built-in Smartphone Features

By developing a mobile app, you can take advantage of the Smartphone built-in features. For example, users of the app can use the camera feature of their device to take pictures of your product and share it with the others. This increases the promotion of your business.

If you are into transportation business, your drivers and passengers can use the GPS feature to get directions, calculate ETA and plan their trips.

If you are a supermarket, using a Bluetooth Enabled (BLE) device like Beacons, you can offer in-store proximity marketing to your customers.

Final Thought

This is not a full list as there are numerous benefits of mobile application development for your business and you can develop the apps as per your specific business needs. Utilizing a mobile app is a practical way to increase the sales as well as to market your brand.

Interested to know about mobile app development benefits for your business and how much a mobile app would cost you? Please feel free to write to us on

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