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Top 10 No-code App Development Services and Platforms For Your Startup

Top 10 No-code App Development Services and Platforms For Your Startup

January 25, 2023

No code App Development Services

What is a No-Code Platform?

No code development platform is an application that provides GUI and empowers entry-level developers to build a web or mobile application. It offers drag-and-drop tools for helping them create software without much coding. This minimizes the hand-coding efforts and helps you with the quick setup and deployment. 

Both developers and non-developers can use these tools for practicing rapid app development with customized functionalities and workflows. It has templates for workflows, ensures customization with an interface, and offers element libraries for creating fully functioning apps without any hassle.

According to the Forrester Report, the market of no-code platforms is expected to hit more than $21 billion in the coming five years. This shows that the demand for no-code app development will be at a breakneck and consistently growing. 

Why should you use No code development platforms?

The No code App Development Services and platforms contribute significantly towards an integrated development environment. It further helps developers and business professionals conveniently create the software by using drag-and-drop app components. 

Without any extensive research, or writing and testing new scripts, you can leverage the power of components for developing responsive and scalable mobile and web apps. 

The benefits of No Code platforms are-:

  • Faster Development

Traditional app development includes manual code writing and testing. However, with LCNC platforms you can create custom-made apps in no time. It comes with readymade templates. So, all you have to do is add or delete the sections or layouts, or designs as per your requirement. 

  • Reduced cost

LCNC platforms can launch your mobile and desktop applications much faster with a quicker time-to-market approach. Importantly, you don’t have to hire more developers to get your work done. It already offers multiple tools for development that make your task simple. 

  • Business agility

It lets you develop smooth-functioning applications across all platforms and devices. Users can have easy access to their data at any point in time. 

Top 10 No-code App Development Services and Platforms For Your Startup

Now, let’s look at some of the best low-code and no-code platforms available in the market for small to medium businesses, as promised!

No-code App Development Services

  • Adalo

Adalo is among the popular no-code app developers that can turn startup and side-hustling ideas into reality without any coding. Users can use this application to simply browse the content or give them an opportunity to buy the products directly. Moreover, if you want to develop your own social media application, use Adalo. 


  • It has navigated bars with customizable icons 
  • Dynamic dashboards for updating data automatically 
  • Smart integration with other apps 

Pricing: Starts with $45/ month for the starter plan 

  • Zoho Creator

Zoho creator is a competent app development platform that helps developers in building apps easily with integrated functionality. No coding knowledge is required. This platform makes everything quick, easy, and scalable. Moreover, it provides tailored solutions for building conceptualized apps. This no-code platform understands your business logic and fills in gaps with pre-built connectors. 


  • Build multi-platform apps from minimalist call logs to heavy and complex ERPs
  • Find templates for vendor management, order and distributor management, logistics, and more 
  • Easy to migrate and scale the data 
  • Easily import the Excel data or Google sheet 

 Pricing: Starts with $25/ user/ month

  • AppSheet

Google AppSheet is an intelligent No code App Development Services platform that helps businesses in developing applications efficiently with existing data. It connects with your data sources like Google Sheets, Excel data, and SQL and copies a sample app. Further, you can generate an app prototype and start from SPEC at par. It also helps you in providing quick suggestions for facilitating easy customization at the helm 


  • You can easily create bots for automating the manual tasks 
  • Conveniently create workflow business logic and introduce ML models
  • Facilitate accurate activity tracking, automate the workflows and provide you with calendar management

Pricing: Starts from INR 397.31/ user/ month 

  • Appian

Appian is an intelligent automation platform that helps enterprises in achieving digital transformation at the helm. It contributes significantly towards improving engagement with customers, streamlining business activities, and at the same time maintaining worker efficiency. You can use this no-code app development platform for building highly intuitive apps quicker with effective visual development. 

  • Offers unparalleled and unrivaled security and compliance 
  • Ensure dynamic and effective reporting 
  • Includes quick application development tools 

Pricing: Stars with $ 90 per user per month for Standard Licensing. You can have a free trial. 

  • Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps helps you develop mobile applications quickly that can solve project challenges for increasing business agility. It comes with pre-built templates and drags and drops features for developing the app and then performing rapid improvements. 

If you are a professional developer, then this no-code platform can be a game changer for you because it uses Azure functions that support the custom connectors for proprietary systems. 


  • Ensures a user-friendly interface 
  • It comes with pre-built AI components 
  • Brings all data together with Microsoft’s Dataverse for getting insights 


Starts with INR 397.6/user/month

  • Outsystems

Outsystems is a transformative no-code app development platform that builds and successfully deploys complex applications. It lets you create incredible, model-driven, and scalable app development by leveraging AI, cloud, and DevOps capabilities. 

  • Easy to handle the app backlog 
  • Accelerates and simplified the app lifecycle optimization with the latest cloud technologies 
  • Ensures real-time reporting and monitoring 
  • Offers multilingual support 

Pricing: Starts from INR 1,20,380.63 per month billed annually. It is free for up to 100 users for developing applications. 

  • Mendix

Mendix is a rapid app development platform that helps you build apps for any device with workflow automation. It focuses on delivering a significant user experience by offering various options of cloud, private, public cloud, and on-premises deployment. This platform further facilitates you with automated backups and horizontal scaling if you choose the Enterprise edition. 


  • Helps you with agile project management 
  • Offers multilingual support
  • Ensures easy customization with a scalable and delightful user experience 

Pricing: Starts with $1875 per month

  • Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning is said to be the future of sales and CRM because it offers a suite of tools for building business applications with custom and standard components. This platform comes with Pro Code tools that let you use any programming language for the development app with utmost security. Through this app development platform, you can easily embed IoT and AI with Salesforce integration and third-party data. 


  • Scale your business with instant app creation through spreadsheet data 
  • Automate your workflow processes with this powerful no-code tool 
  • Delivers personalized experience for every individual user 


Starts at $25 per user per month

  • Quixy

Quixy is among the top-rated cloud-based No code App Development Services platforms that empower enterprises in app development by eliminating manual processes. By automating the workflows, you can quickly convert your ideas into applications without writing any code. Non-developers can start from scratch for customizing the pre-built applications in just a few minutes.   


  • Easy to deploy applications with a single click and no downtime 
  • Provides you with live actionable reports and a dashboard with an option to export data in multiple formats 
  • It lets you seamlessly integrate third-party apps through API integrations, ready-to-use connectors, and Webhooks

Pricing: Starts from $20/user/month billed annually

  • Retool

Retool is among the best no-code app development platforms for creating an advanced app with a graphical user interface. With Retool, you can develop applications with drag-and-drop features and other powerful building blocks like forms, text, charts, and others. Further, it lets you integrate with dozens of popular data sources. 


  • Easy to import library through URL and use them as per your requirement 
  • Offers cloud and self-hosted options in app development 
  • Easily connects your app to anything with GraphQL API and REST
  • You can secure your app with audit logs, 2FA and SAML SSO

Pricing: Starts with $10 per user per month

Hire Techcronus now for all your mobile app development requirements! 

No-code App Development Services and Platforms


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