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.NET for App Development

Why Should Enterprises Choose .NET for App Development?

March 24, 2023

Do you know 34.2% of developers across the world are using .NET for App Development since 2021? 

Today, .NET Enterprise App Development has become the #1 framework in usage and is continuing to become the most relevant technology. 


What is Enterprise Application Development?

Enterprise Application Development is an approach used by organizations for supporting operations, resolving enterprise-related problems, and managing administrative tasks through an integrated and meticulous digital platform. 

The scope of an enterprise platform varies as per the type of business and their requirement. For an instance, in a retail business, the enterprise has segregated its divisions into manufacturing, inventory management, supply chain management, logistics and transportation, and so on. 


The Market Overview of .NET Framework

As per the report from Statista, IT spending on enterprise software development in 2021 was around 517 billion US dollars globally, which is an increase of 10.8% from 2020 and today it continues to grow incessantly. This depicts that enterprise applications and software have become an imperative element of every system, taking businesses to the next best level. 

However, with the integration of business applications with .NET development, people have become more dependent on technology for smooth and sleek operations. It contributes significantly to improving the productivity of overall stakeholders and leveraging Big Data for the ultimate business process performance optimization. 

And today, when it comes to enterprise application development, companies can’t leave anything to chance. It is important to systematize the entire app development lifecycle for enabling agile processes with robust technology. 

Microsoft’s .Net framework has brought the best in class app performance, with the utmost stability, and agility to the software so it runs smoothly across all platforms. 


The Ecosystem of .NET Application Development 

.NET Framework for enterprise app development is a setup developed specifically for runtime components, with its APIs, languages, compilers, and more. With features like generics, modern language constructs like LINQ (Language Integrated Query), and asynchronous programming, it makes the work of developers more productive.

The world is adopting .NET Framework at a faster rate due to its versatility. Here are 4 keynote reasons for leveraging Hire .Net Developer with your enterprise app development -: 

  • Delivers end-to-end support to the offsite workforce who are contributing towards a revolution of corporate work environment by ensuring faster quick adoption of modern smart devices
  • Enhances the productivity and capacity of developers during the development process 
  • The development process enhances capacity and productivity
  • Helping users in their entire business processes through big data and data analytics. 

The Ecosystem of .NET App Development is designed specifically for allowing the runtime components along with APIs in compilers. Since .NET app development is functional with Windows, Linux, and macOS, it improves workability and flexibility at par. Such a dependable platform speeds up the development of complex and high-quality enterprise apps. 

With the top-notch facility of Language Integrated Query (LINQ), generics, and asynchronous programming — users can look forward to a seamless development experience. 

Earlier, it was quite challenging to .NET for App Development for enterprises. But today, you can connect with professionals and get your work done with the best industry-specific developers! You can call Techcronus for any queries. 

 So, let’s explore and understand why you should opt for .NET Enterprise Application Development. 


How Enterprise Applications with .NET Integration can improve your business?

  • Greater platform independence

When businesses look for a .NET development framework, they can expect scalability and higher flexibility in platform independence. 

Microsoft .Net platform is an independent unit and extensively supports different platforms with seamless integration. It gives an edge to your business by integrating enterprise platforms with iOS and Android platforms. 

This seamless development ecosystem makes your app more scalable and agile. With greater platform independence, your business can save substantial time and resources because developers have to write code from scratch only once. 

  • Open Source, Free, and Cross-Platform

Dot Net technology is a free, open-source, and cross-platform framework. The scope of experimentation with this platform is quite high and it can easily transform your ideas into reality. 

This framework helps developers in building web apps and services that can be independently deployable for iOS, Android, and Windows by using Microsoft ASP . NET. 


  • Includes various Components for Enterprise Application Development

Microsoft’s .NET technology forms a progressive .NET environment for creating apps by leveraging a multitude of components, like VisualStudio.Net, .NET Framework, .NET languages, and user interface (UI).

So, developers have an array of components and options for developing an enterprise app for different industry verticals. For an instance, a developer can choose from programming languages like JavaScript, Visual Basic, C++, and C#.  

Since the new Visual Studio actively supports different languages, there is no problem with different types of data between the languages. And, therefore, one application can be written using multiple languages.


  • Compatibility

The cross-platform capabilities of .NET are not unknown. By using this technology, developers can easily develop applications that ensure a seamless and uninterrupted experience for users on Desktops, Tablets and Mobile. Beyond that, developers can reuse such components and integrate them easily with the existing system. 

They can compile code into an intermediate environment. It uses common language runtime that loads and makes the software run. Also, it works in equivalence of byte codes and processes through common language specification. 

In this environment, it sets the standard for code compilation and defines an intermediate language (IL) processor, that abstracts it from the hardware. The content is defined through web services, UI, XML code, data, and base classes.


  • 360° security

With the .NET framework, you can ensure robust features like real-time encryption, Code Access Security (CAS), character approvals, and overall 360-degree security. Developers can use 360-degree security while developing enterprise applications. From protecting against unauthorized login attempts to DDoS attacks, the .NET framework is all here to prevent security threats and data breaches. 

All this has been possible because Microsoft keeps pushing security patch updates for this technology. And, we all know how prompt Microsoft is in releasing a new version and bringing smarter updates. 

At Techcronus, our .Net developers follow an industry-leading coding standard for delivering the best of all security values for your enterprise application. 


  • Remarkable performance

Techcronus offers you robust enterprise app development services for delivering transforming results to your business. This framework is faster and quite resource optimized compared with similar other frameworks. 

Due to .NET Framework, your users can expect a much quicker response time and excellent stability. This often optimizes the operations to perform faster. 


  • Ease of customization

The most important aspect of the .NET Framework is that it offers customizations to various business verticals with a guarantee of quick implementation turnaround time. Such an enterprise application can be easy and convenient to upgrade, re-design or integrate with any other technological framework or tools. 

Our developers understand your requirements and accordingly offer customization in an attempt to fetch the best results for your business. 

Do you want to revamp your product or launch new features into your existing framework? Call Techcronus now and simplify your enterprise application! 


Is .NET Framework dead or not?

What is the future of the .NET Framework?

According to w3techs, ASP.NET is still used in 7.9% of websites where the server-side programming languages are known. While the usage of the PHP framework amounts to 78% which is not even close to the .NET framework.

But, as per the 2020 Developer Survey by Stack Overflow,.NET Core has been voted as the most loved framework with 71.5% of professionals.

However, Microsoft is significantly focusing on making .NET Core more agile, scalable, and powerful by launching the relevant versions every year. For instance, it has launched the .NET 6.0 version in November 2021, .NET Core 7.0 in November 2022, and further .Net Core 8.0 will be launched in November 2023. 

The version boasts various other features:

  • Improved Security Level
  • Long-term support version
  • Hot Reloading
  • Improved performance 
  • Unified platform for browser, IoT, cloud, mobile, and desktop
  • Arm64 Support
  • C# 10 and F#6 with language improvements

 In the world of technology, the only thing you have to do is keep innovation. Technologies come and go but you have to pace up with the latest versions. 


Get started with Techcronus .Net Enterprise Application development solutions

As discussed, the .NET framework is popularly used for creating and running software applications. This framework is in increasing demand bringing industry-leading enterprise application development solutions to meet your every business goal.

So, if you are looking for .NET virtual developers for your business project, let us connect today