Augmented Reality: A Game Changer in Advertising in 2020

Advertisements have evolved to a great extent in the past 100 years. You would find ads in banners, posters, pamphlets, magazines, videos, images and much more. The advertising sector has transformed drastically, considering its shift from print towards digital media. Today’s game-changing technology is Augmented Reality (AR), which is globally transforming the way people engage with advertisements. In order to engross with the AR ads, users are required to install an application on their smartphones. This is why a brand needs to hire a reliable Mobile App Development Company. According to ARtillry, the amount invested on Augmented Reality-based advertisements would increase by up to $2 Billion by 2022.

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Augmented Reality is an integration of the virtual world into reality. It is advancing technology in the digital era. AR has allowed advertisers and marketers to approach their customers uniquely, providing them with an unforgettable AR experience. Remember how Nokia Lumia brought the world’s first AR Angry Birds game in Australia. People could play the game in the middle of a busy street. This was done with the help of a large screen and a mobile application. It allowed the players to dance, sing and even click a picture with the virtual characters.

Following Nokia Lumia’s campaign, a variety of brands came up with AR advertising campaigns. They realized that AR is going to play a crucial role in the future decade. Let us discuss how a few campaigns changed the advertising world drastically.

2011 Campaign: Angels will Fall by Lynx

This was an AR campaign launched by Lynx to promote the Lynx Excite fragrance. It was organized in the UK, where angels would fall up from the sky. People were made to stand on a symbol that displayed ‘Lookup’. This would let them interact with a virtual angel on a large screen. This campaign received an overwhelming response amongst the commuters.

2015 Campaign: The Walking Dead (Season -5)

In an attempt to promote the famous series ‘The Walking Dead’, Augmented Reality was used at a tramp stop in Vienna. With the installation of screens, it was revamped into a horror chamber, escalating the terror with zombie attacks. The response was captivating People got terrified, but thoroughly loved the idea of promotion.

Why Augmented Reality?

As discussed earlier, AR has been revolutionizing the way advertisements work. People find AR ads more interesting and interactive. The blend of visuals, graphics, text, and audio has provided a new understanding advertisement. Marketers understand how the brand’s dynamics can quickly change by investing in an AR advertisement.

The AR technology works when users install an AR application on their smartphones. The application allows them to enter the realm of the virtual world. This means that your AR ad must be creative, interesting and engaging that it pushes users to download the application. In order to achieve this purpose, a brand should work with an efficient Mobile App Development Company. The success of the AR ad campaign also depends upon the seamless working of the mobile application.

Augmented Reality Benefits

1. Cost-effective

Advertisements in print media tend to cost more, in comparison to AR ads. As a brand, when you go for advertisements in prominent magazines and newspapers, the cost may vary and also be extravagant. On the other hand, AR ads are affordable and cost-effective.

2. Innovation

Augmented Reality-based advertisements are far more lucid and efficient in comparison to print advertisements. The digital era calls for ads that are efficient and effective. It provides room for creativity and ideas which are out of the box. People love those brands which stand out from the competition, and this is exactly the purpose of an AR advertisement.

3. Creates more engagement

AR technology works with visuals, texts, images, and audio. The Internet is a huge space, with an enormous amount of information. In such a situation, it is difficult to grab the attention of people. This is why AR ads are such a hit in the market. People learn about your brand, in a shorter period of time without losing interest. This creates more engagement of the brand and boosts sales.

How AR enhance your brand value?

Augmented Reality lets advertisers create exquisite and innovative ads that create customer engagement and lead to client satisfaction. Here’s how AR manages to engage clients:

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1. Look, try and Purchase

Many companies have invested in Mobile App Development, based on AR technology. It allows trying a product virtually and then making the final purchase. These AR applications provide customers with the same experience as a changing room. LensKart is one such brand which scans your image through the phone camera. It lets you try on different glasses virtually, to help you select the one which suits you the most. Facebook is also working in a similar manner to let you try on makeup and accessories before buying them.

2. Travel and Tourism

People love the way Augmented Reality is transforming the world of tourism. People can scan an object through their phone cameras, and instantly get more information about a place or restaurant. Through AR, brands can engross customers in an alluring manner. “Absolut Vodka’ used this method where customers would scan the codes on the bottle through the AR application. This would provide them with a 3D experience of Ahus in Sweden, from where its products are originated. Such unique ideas appeal to the client’s conscience.

3. Building Interest

AR technology comes in handy for developing interest or buzz amongst customers. This is useful, especially in the entertainment sector. For any upcoming movie or series, advertisers can provide people with a sneak peek of the show. This can be done by letting people enter the virtual world and have an unforgettable AR experience.


As the digital era is changing dynamically, it demands advertisers to be more creative and innovative. Augmented Reality has created a new world for the advertising sector. People enter into the virtual world of your brand. You can control what people see and how they see it. Through mobile applications, you can create the perfect AR advertisement. Hire a reliable and reputed Mobile App Development Company for your AR campaign. Contact us now!

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