How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App

With the increase in market share of internet users from their smartphones, globally, the world of technology has opened an ocean of opportunities in mobile app development. There is an app for everything that you can possibly think of. From mobile banking to tips for weight loss, apps have captured the real world situations into the codes and aesthetic designs that have helped the users in some or other way. The ‘apps’ is one fundamental reason which has propelled the growth of the smartphone segment that shows an enormous boom.



One often wonders what would be the cost of the super apps namely Angry Birds, Instagram, Facebook, etc. which have reported a staggering profit of over $50 million dollars. Mobile Application Development has, time and again, is poised to become a multibillion-dollar industry with seemingly endless potential. If you happen to ‘Google’ the cost of app development or contact a software development company directly, the answer you probably would get is: “well, that depends” with little to no additional explanation. While this may seem absurd and out of place but it actually is a right answer. But still one demands a rough estimation as to how much one would be spending on the development of apps. So speaking on general terms we can assume a basic and simple app can cost the customer about a few thousand dollars and shall take near to 4-5 months of time for development. A survey of IT professionals conducted in 2013 by Any Presence, a backend-as-a-service company, asked about the initial cost of developing a typical mobile application. Over half reported spending more than three months and over $50,000 developing a typical app.

Further, costs actually depend on the type of project you wish to complete. Games are on top position cost-wise as their coding is most complex. The cheapest apps often fulfill one specific purpose, such as a flashlight. A few other complexities are apps that require multiple interfaces for different users. Here are some major questions to consider in getting the overall cost:

  • Is your app developed completely from scratch or are you using some existing technologies?
  • Does your app use third-party API or needs to be integrated with a backend database?
  • How much dependency and complexity does your app involve?
  • Do you build your app for revenue or just for branding purpose?
  • Which platform do you wish to use?

All in all, the apps that one wishes to develop with an original idea depends on the customer as to how much one wants to spend. So there you have it folks, a break-down of what goes into the pricing and cost factors of developing a mobile app.

Techcronus, a leading mobile application development company, helps its customers and partners in identifying the development costs in advance by doing a detailed requirement study and PoC for any mobile app development project. This process helps our customers and partners in knowing all details of the project as a list of deliverables, dependencies, 3rd party integrations, constraints etc. along with the fixed price estimate. This helps them in getting budgetary approval as well as making sure that the end product is as per their requirements.

If you’re looking to go from “it depends” to a fixed price estimate, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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