What is Microsoft CRM? What are the MS Dynamics CRM modules, and how does it work?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers growing with providing a solution for the mid-market organization. After the launch of Microsoft Dynamics 365 at the end of 2016, Microsoft extends its CRM solution’s core functionality. It offers businesses new and builds up tools to transform their sales, customer service, and marketing processes.

The dynamic CRM comes with practical functionalities and allows employees to be more productive and knowledgeable. It offers executives more in-depth insight into performance, opportunities, and customer relationships. The project service, sales automation, and customer services modules align to streamline the way business communication.

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What is MSdynamics CRM?

Mainly there are three basic modules available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Platforms. They are:

  • Sales Modules

MS dynamic CRM sales module explains how to get new customers. If you’re looking to define the flow and make new customers, make sure you understand the business process. Generally, it’s used as lead, account, contact, quote, opportunity, invoice, and order to create a new customer sales process.

  • Marketing Modules

MS dynamic CRM marketing modules explain how to explore business. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM marketing module consists of three primary campaigns: campaigns, marketing lists, and quick campaigns. The tool comes with dynamic CRM users that help to improve marketing efforts. It adds campaign management, marketing automation, and analytics.

  • Service Modules

Customer service is an important part of any business. They prompt answers, and Microsoft Dynamic CRM adds more customer service management. Using a service module with Microsoft, dynamic CRM, one can store the data to deliver efficient service and keep them coming back to keep up with the growing business.

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What are the advantages of the Microsoft Dynamic CRM platform?

There are several advantages of the Microsoft platform and a few specific features, as shown below:

  • Seamless Integration

Microsoft Dynamic CRM can pair with other Microsoft tools, and it includes all dynamic 365 and office 365 apps. It comes with a significant impact on performance and productivity. Using this, one can integrate into Outlook and view existing customer information and all other activities.

  • Power Apps

It comes with a unique Microsoft tool, which gives you the power to build custom applications quickly without code or technical expertise. It pairs with a full array of Microsoft products. It adds office 365 and Dynamic 365 by leveraging data from a program and deploy it in a web or mobile app.

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP)

LinkedIn SNAP allows the sales team to leverage the full power of LinkedIn directly through Dynamic 365. User can search the LinkedIn network to identify leads and save them as a CRM record. SNAP recommends leads based on your searches with identifying the prospect company, tenure, location, and position. Use SNAP to lead introduction through a mutual connection.

  • Relationship Assistant

It’s a handy tool available to try now. With name suggest, relationship assistant tracks activities and generates action cards that appear on the dashboard. The tool alerts you to upcoming meetings, remind you to follow up on an opportunity and notify the team of customer request. The assistant connects to Outlook and tracks email, which links with dynamic CRM 365 directly.

  • Flexibility & Insights

The app built on the same common platform which adapts Dynamic 365 with specific needs. It defines its dashboard by bringing forward graphs, information, and reports relevant to your role. The platform adds flexible workflow tools which allow automating process in the system. Finally, the customized tool allows defining additional fields of information with new objects in the system.

  • Deployment Options

It allows you to assemble the collection of apps that best suits your business and customize it to fit the requirements best. The options add cloud and on-premise deployments. The tool access from Outlook, internet-enabled mobile device, and web browser. Dynamic 365 gives a choice to select the best model for your business.

  • Pricing

Add more functionality at a lower price than other competitive CRM systems. Talking about flexibility, Microsoft offers three tiers of users with different levels of pricing. One can make most of the investment by paying full access for those users who needs it.

  • Microsoft Commitment 

As Microsoft comes with huge investment, it truly strives to make a one-stop-shop for business software solutions. Microsoft mainly focuses on Dynamic 365, which means it just the beginning. Its features continue to improve and come with cool stuff like adding a new user interface that Microsoft talks about. They are committed to its partner channel approach that best scale its business with improving their quality.

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Why do businesses choose to use Microsoft Dynamic 365 CRM over others?

  • It comes with powerful built-in tools such as Relationship Assistant and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • It’s familiar, and its intuitive user interface ranks highest among user adoption.
  • It has an excellent connection with other Microsoft products like windows server, office 365, Exchange Server, SharePoint, Skype for Business, PowerApps, Power BI, etc. offer huge benefits.
  • Microsoft’s commitment to product and partner support points to longevity and system quality.
  • It comes with a flexible architecture, deployment options, and pricing, allowing easy customization with tailoring the system needs. The system meets unique business needs with ease.

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