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Microsoft Announcing ASP.NET Core in .NET 5 | What’s new in .NET 5?

February 19, 2021

Microsoft Announcing ASP.NET Core in .NET 5 is taking the best of its existing features of the .Net Platform and transferring it into one place. It means one gets a single point of access to tools for developing desktop, mobile, and web-based solutions. Microsoft promised that .Net 5 provide devs with the ability to interop with Java and Swift. It works great for those who want to interact with native mobile application libraries.

The latest .Net framework has brought great news for .Net developers who currently support enterprise-level applications created in the .Net framework. One can probably open to learning as much as possible with the new Platform and how it will affect your future work. ASP.NET Core in .NET 5 brings a lot of change to the industry. It officially announced the general availability of .Net 5 on the .Net conf 2020 virtual event. .Net Framework 5 provides tools for developers like programming interfaces, runtime features, and other new languages.

Moving on with .Net Core

.Net 5 comes with everything you need to expect from ASP.NET Core. It helps to make things suitable for mobile and other IoT platform development. With the new updates, developers don’t have to choose between .Net Core, Mono, and .Net Framework 5.00. The features of the .net Platform allow working with ease on any selected platform. It ensures to incorporation of the best functionalities of .Net Core.

What are the effective support systems for developers?

  • Availability of Java interoperability across all platforms.
  • It facilitates CoreFX support to .Net Static compilation.
  • It supports Swift and Objective C interoperability across the various OS.

.Net 5 vs Net Framework

When to Choose – .Net 5

  • When you have cross-platform needs
  • when needs to have scalable and high-performance systems
  • when need docker containers
  • when needs microservices architecture
  • when need Side-by-side .Net versions

When to Choose – Net Framework

  • When in need of a third-party library
  • When .Net technologies not available for .Net 5
  • When in need of .Net framework apps
  • When Apps uses a platform, which doesn’t support .Net 5
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.Net 5 Functionalities

  • It helps to support cross-platform implementation with any device.
  • It’s open-source and community-oriented.
  • It supports features like .Net Core, Xamarin, and .Net framework.
  • It facilitates a side-by-side installation.
  • It supports platform features like WPF and Windows Forms on windows.
  • It offers smarter packages and deployment.

It supports future updates like Visual Studio 2019, Visual Studio code, visual studio for mac and command-line interface.

What are the latest features of the .Net Platform?

Microsoft just like other new releases is trying to resolve most glitches that affect ASP.NET Core 5. With .Net’s latest version, one can fix everything and bring new APIs with runtime capabilities, desktop development, and other language-related aspects. Dive in to understand all features.

.Net framework 5 for Mobile development

With ASP.Net 5 providers can create a hybrid application for Android, iOS macOS, tvQs, and WatchOS Platform via Xamarin platform. It comes with a runtime of mono which supports Xamarin and provides a collection of different programming languages like tools, and libraries for developers. It adds XAML, which is the most preferred language for UI programming, and C# for backend tasks.

ASP .Net 5 for Desktop Solutions

It fetches the desktop pack for windows and offers support to the apps for desktop devices. It comes with a new Platform that includes WPF, windows forms, Xamarin and UWP. It moves windows desktop apps into .Net which does not alter the architecture of .Net Core. It adds extra benefits such as core Runtime.

.Net Framework 5 development for Cloud Projects

With Azure, App development work is an excellent feature that .Net 5 offers. With the arrival of the newest release, developers work on software development projects. With Azure Cloud Solution, one incorporates a combo of framework and tools. It adds Web API, DevOps, serverless computing, docker containers, microservices, and more.

Runtime and Language

It helps developers to give a chance to choose between runtimes like CoreCLR and Mono. It comes with the latter in the runtime for .Net Core where developers use desktop-powered Cloud applications, ML, Windows, and IoT. With the .Net framework, the developer gets an excellent open-source substitute. It works well with both CoreCLR and Mono as they have a few unique capabilities and valuables.

ASP .Net 5 for the Game Creation

As it supports Visual Studio 2019, it’s a combination of .Net 5 with forming a crucial gaming section. Here, the developers create games for various platforms adding mobile devices, Xbox, and others.

Ending Thoughts

The things mentioned above are the latest .Net features released by Microsoft. These new upgrades come with a bright future ahead and use the same languages: the .Net version targets various application types, operating systems, and chip architecture. The latest .Net framework is not just a new release but is existing for developers too. It supports modernization and works as a stable version with the following best technology.

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Upgrade an existing project

To upgrade an existing ASP.NET Core app from .NET Core 5 to .NET 8:

To upgrade an existing ASP.NET Core app from .NET 5 RC2 to .NET 8:

  • Update all Microsoft.AspNetCore.*, Microsoft.Extensions.*, and System.* package references to 8.0.0.

That’s it! You should be all set to enjoy the benefits of .NET 8.

See also the full list of breaking changes in ASP.NET Core for .NET 8.

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