Wrong Notions about Microsoft Dynamics NAV – What to Consider?

Over the years, Microsoft Dynamics has seen a sea of change. These modifications include changes in various features, functions, etc. All of them have positively contributed to meet the needs of the market. 

However, there are still many people who are reluctant to use and do the Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation. This may be mainly due to the different notions that they have about Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Most of you fail to realize that by having these false ideas about Microsoft Dynamics in mind, your business is not getting the kind of efficiency that it should and is therefore suffering a lot.

Wrong Notions about Microsoft Dynamics NAV
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Myths about Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Given below is a list of myths that needs to be busted about Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

  • It is immensely time-taking

When working with Microsoft Dynamics MAV, you first have to understand that here, upgradation means improving the performance to impart better services to your customers. The better the customers are served, the more the credibility and loyalty of the business or brand will be. Therefore, even it takes a bit of time, spending this time is worth it. However, the time required for the completion of the whole process is entirely dependent on the professionals of the enterprise application development in the USA. Therefore, the more skilled professionals or companies, or agencies you hire, the less time it will take.

  • Developers can conduct upgrades in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

This particular myth has ruined the experience of many people who believed it. With due respect to all the developers and the hard work they put in to serve their clients, it needs to be rightly said that not all Microsoft Dynamics NAV developers can handle this. It is better to hire professionals or specialists to make the most out of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Trained and skilled people working on Microsoft Dynamics NAV means the time to finish the work is automatically reduced.

  • Compared to the results, the efforts are much more than expected

If you delay the upgradation process of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you are sure to get stuck and work with some older versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. If you hire any professional for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, he needs to know the amount of time required for completing the amount of work that needs to be done. Also, the more operations are performed in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the less are the security risks. Also, regular updates are required to keep a check on the security threats. If all of these demands a little bit of effort, then it is worth it as you will be the gainer in the end.

  •  The system demands changes with the introduction of new versions

Any Microsoft Dynamics NAV professional will tell you that this statement is entirely false, as the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support option has made upgrading your system much easier than before. For this, you can hire expert Microsoft Dynamics NAV professionals from us.

What to consider when upgrading Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

Here is a list of factors that you need to consider when upgrading the Microsoft Dynamics NAV professional:

  • Current version

First and foremost, you have to recognize the NAV version that you are using. To reduce the cost, it is better to keep up-to-date with the versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV as they are launched one after another. Therefore, upgrading occasionally will take more time. Also, you are likely to miss out on some customizations.

  •  Potential

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV is now known as the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It is a cloud-based business management solution that caters to the following functionalities:

  Easy user-interface

   Better sales service management

   Less investment at the first chance with the help of an ERP cloud system

   Integration of other Microsoft solutions

The Microsoft Dynamics NAVprovides two types of solutions – cloud solutions and on-premise solutions. The kind of solution you want is entirely dependent on the needs of your business and the way you want to invest.

  • Cost

When you upgrade to a newer version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it involves a considerable investment. So, when you allot a budget for Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgradation, do not forget to consider the training, project management, scope, and ongoing support.

  • Difference between cloud and on-premises

Although the kind of solution your business demands depends entirely on its requirements, differences between cloud and on-premise solutions exist. The on-premise solution should be fetched by those who have some access to their server, while those looking for more customizations can be satisfied with the cloud solution.


Therefore, instead of delaying the Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrades, keep updating them as and when you are notified. If needed, hire a Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultant, eliminate all the notions and enjoy a better version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. 

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