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Android 12: The Update We All Have Been Waiting For

October 11, 2021

Google Android has been the mainstay in the smartphone domain for years now. However, the last few updates that Android had implemented did not transform telephony radically. Android 12 is different and that is what we all are waiting for with bated breath. Let us take a quick peek into the upcoming features that promise to change the way we use the ubiquitous smartphone.

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Material You

This is the biggest feature that Android is implementing. Ask any Android App Development Company in India or elsewhere and the major heartburn has been to create themes and designs for clients. As an Android user, anyone would want a dash of style in the UI rather than the monotonous streak of elements. With Material You, a new theme engine called “Monet” has been built that generates a rich palette of colors in pastel, derived from the wallpaper of the user. These colors are then applied all over the other parts of the system. It doesn’t stop here.

The values are available through an API that the applications, used by the consumer, can call. This allows the apps to decide whether they wish to recolor their UI. Google is betting big on Material You and have implemented it on their apps.

However, Monet is not open source yet and therefore other OEMs will not be able to incorporate their themes. Pixel phones will receive the updates later but for now only those with the latest release or custom ROMs are eligible for the implementation.

Material You also affects the notifications panel UI, slightly changes the layout of the lock screen, declutters the power menu, and provides smaller UI changes to a host of other places. Google has also updated the widget designs which will now be able to provide developers updated widget designs. Needless to mention that the widget designs are beautiful to look at.

Scrolling Screenshots

When you hire an Android developer in India, one of the tasks that you expect them to do is built the ability to take screenshots. However, taking a screenshot of the full page was always a challenge. With scrolling screenshots, Google has finally fulfilled the numerous please from its users.

One-handed mode

A mobile phone allows us to be well, mobile. There are times when we would multi-task while on the phone. But trying to reach the top of the phone with one hand has always been difficult and many times near impossible. Goggle has come with a One-Hand mode which brings the screen down.

Game Dashboard

Google is dead serious about gaming and with the Android 12 update, it is taken to a new level. The new game dashboard allows the users to access the tools like FPS meter and use the screen recorder in-game, through a floating button. The performance of the device per game can also be tweaked along with live streaming to YouTube and checking up on achievements.

Privacy Dashboard

This is a new design whereby the apps ask for sensitive permission. Other information that the page provides about privacy permissions are locations, cameras, and microphones. This page also allows the user to manage apps that have access to sensitive permissions.

Camera and Microphone Privacy

An indicator in the status bar notifies the user about apps trying to access the camera and the microphone. New toggles allow cuts off access to the microphone and camera.

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Conversations Widget

The ones who interact with the user often will now have a permanent place on the home screen. The conversations widget lets the user see their latest message or status update.

A Bucketful Of Happiness

There are other new additions too. The auto-rotate has been improved, URLs and images can be shared from the recent app overview, the internet has a new panel, effects about stretch over scrolling, a new app launch splash screen, notifications for clipboard read et al.

Now when you hire a remote Android developer, these are the newer features that will need to be implemented. Get, set, and go.

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