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Tableau BI Consulting and Development Services

Tableau BI Development Service

Tableau is one of the most popular BI and Data Visualization tools across the globe. It helps businesses make sense of structured, unstructured data and generates correlations that drive decisions.

Tableau BI and visualization can help you enhance the understanding of your enterprise data and provide you with refined insights.

It is powered by proprietary technology that is natively visual, so it allows you to visualize data simultaneously with your actions. Therefore not only do you not have to analyze data in rows and columns but also get a better understanding of data and better insight. In addition, the Tableau suite provides a set of applications to aggregate data, in-depth analysis, and on-the-go visualization of analysis to help you make data-driven decisions.

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Tableau BI Consulting and Development Services

Tableau Data Analytics

Tableau offers a robust data management system, data analytics, and data visualization. Tableau allows you to connect with over 40 data sources seamlessly. This includes Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Oracle, SQL Server, Redshift, PostgreSQL, Google Analytics, BigQuery, Vertica, Hadoop, Salesforce, CSV/Text/Excel, to name a few. In addition, native visualization enables you to spot an emerging trend quickly to identify opportunities or threats.

Tableau Services

Our team of expert consultants and software engineers can help you with Tableau BI dashboard development and Tableau visual analytics into your organization. These dashboards will not only be visually appealing but will also have in-depth data analytics.

All you have to do is let us understand your needs, and we will do the rest. We believe in offering flexibility to our clients, so we also provide online training when needed. We can also provide ad-hoc analysis services of rows of data in seconds with Hyper if you require quick analysis. If you hit any roadblocks, we will be there to find a solution for you.

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About Techcronus

At Techcronus, we go out of our way to serve our customers and assure 100% customer satisfaction. Being an expert Business Intelligence and Analytics Company in USA, our team of highly skilled and motivated engineers will ensure that the project is flawless and it’s delivered on time. As a Tableau BI Services Provider, we ensure that our clients make the most out of their business data without going through any hassle.

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Our Tableau Consulting Services Include

  • Configuration of Online, Desktop, and Mobile versions of Tableau Software.
  • Design, develop and implement workflows to transform data sourced from multiple nodes into a unified solution for providing BI inputs and DataViz purposes.
  • Tableau dashboard development and training for creating powerful metrics on the go.
  • Set up Tableau Server over the cloud or on-premise with annual maintenance and troubleshooting support.
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