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How to accelerate your sales process through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales & Power BI Development

How to accelerate your sales process through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Power BI Development?

November 11, 2022

Any successful business is backed by profits incurred on sales. Therefore, businesses constantly aim to increase their profits and sales. This requires an insight into the existing business model and the collection of this data from various important sources, analysis, etc. To make it simpler for your sales team, at Techcronus we work on specific software called Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM along with Microsoft Power BI to generate customer care data from a 360-degree angle.

When you merge Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales into your business model, it will provide your sales team with lucrative benefits like potential leads, acquisition of those leads, approaching those potential customers, presentation, or even sales closure. With Dynamic 365, your sales processes can run on auto-pilot and help you relax.

The process that is usually adopted goes as follows-

  • First, the system generates and identifies the lead.
  • Second, it has to check for set rules before proceeding further.
  • Third, now that the rules are checked, the system will allow you to create an account and contacts everything to convert them into loyal customers.
  • Fourth and the most important step is that the system will always allow you to monitor and keep a track of the existing leads. This will be essential while you incorporate further stages of lead development and conversion.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is backed by varieties of features to increase productivity. It helps you in establishing a good relationship with your clients by bringing together marketing, campaigns, sales, and customer care data. With this software, you can make sales-related predictions, scheduling, and forecasting to foster customer satisfaction. Not only that, but this cloud-based software also offers inputs towards customer retention which further helps in increasing revenue.

Perks of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions concerning sales:

  • One-stop solution to access all the information about the customers
  • Efficient handling of all customer queries, doubts, issues, support requests, and customer retention.
  • An individualized approach is adopted to synchronize business processes.
  • Obtaining structured sales processes by easily integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM into the existing application and IT infrastructure.
  • Round-the-clock data security along with data fidelity.

How will Power BI also help?

Power BI solutions look deeply into business intelligence and uncover hidden insights in the data during the data exploration journey. At Techcronus we accept your business challenges and deliver sales-driven results. We also help you convert text-based abundant information into visually attractive and simplified information. This qualitative tool provides broad insights about the users. Our experts in Power BI will take you on a walk through the entire journey which is elaborated further: –

1. KYC and Consultation:

Our professionals in Power BI understand your business journey and will help you in transforming the same. We strategize your entire data after carefully evaluating your ongoing system.

2. Incorporation of Data:

With Power BI latest changes in the existing data can be easily generated and passed on to the decision-makers while they utilize this information. Power BI will help in digging deep into the data that you might have considered redundant. Through data exploration, hidden insights in your data can be generated which can be further optimally utilized.

3. BI Dashboards:

At Techcronus we develop personalized dashboards for our customers. These dashboards are based on KPIs and are very interactive as they showcase how your employees and the teams are collaborating to deliver powerful outputs. They also generate reports based on important metrics. Based on these reports, you can make important decisions about your business. In fact, through Power BI, you can even add other departments such as Finance, HR, and Operations Dashboards too.

4. Power BI Reports Integration:

The detailed reports generated through Power BI can be easily merged into your existing system like CRM, ERP, etc. These reports are always secured by multiple layers and while they are in your system, you can view the same as per your convenience. Our interactive reporting solutions will identify the patterns, and risks and make forecasts accordingly for your business to prevent any incoming failure.

5. Rich and Real-time Analytics:

Our pool of talented developers can help you utilize the analytics with Power BI which has integrated R and Python scripts. This insightful data will improve the decision-making process to drive new sales, and generate revenue and profitability. With the help of the given data, even predictive models are created through rapid analysis. This software is powerful in using SQL Integration Services for performing ETL operations for the variety and voluminous data.

Techcronus is your way to getting solutions for your Enterprise Business. Our business solutions are integrated with modern technology and are renowned globally. Moreover, our diligent consultants have served more than 500 loyal customers by providing customized development solutions. In addition to that, our decade-rich experience promises to help you in catching hidden data patterns for your projects. Contact us now!

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