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Android App Development Fundamentals For Beginners

June 1, 2022

Today, Android is considered the most widely used operating system for mobile devices. After smartphones came into vogue, people felt the need of creating an easy-going operating system. With little to no knowledge, anyone can use the Android operating system. 

Right from its inception, Android saw a rapid rise in its use. So, many students and professionals decided to learn android app development to secure a career in it. Many businesses and brands prefer to hire android app developers in India. Instead, they prefer learning it and developing it on their own. This is because brands believe that one has to have a clear understanding of their business to create an android app of their own. This can be done in the best possible way by the ones who are closely associated with the brand. 

In this article, we will cover the fundamentals that are required to develop an android mobile app. So, without further delay, let’s get started.

What Is Android?

A mobile operating system developed mostly by Google and open handset alliance is known as the Android. Various programming languages like Java, C, C++, etc. are used for the development of android apps. The operating system of android belongs to the family of Linux Kernel. 

Primarily, android is designed to suit the app requirements that are created for mobile devices, smartphones, touch screens, and tablets. The announcement for the emergence of Android in the market was first made in 2007 November. Soon, September 2008 witnessed its introduction into the market. Since 2011 and 2013, Android has been selling smartphones and tablets respectively. At present, this operating system has nearly 5 million active users all over the globe.

Android Programming Languages

The process of android app development becomes easier if you are aware of the fundamentals of android. Now, we will look into the core fundamentals that are required for android app development. 

Android apps can be developed primarily in three programming languages, namely Java, C++, and XML. Recently, a new programming language has come up known as the KOTLIN that can be used in place of C++ and Java. Let us form a clear picture of all the programming languages used for creating android apps briefly. 

  • Java

Firstly, A class-based and object-oriented programming language, Java is primarily designed for those who want to work in android app development without having to depend much on other programming languages. It is a general-purpose programming language that allows programmers to work on the mechanism of write once, run anywhere or WORA. This implies that one can run a compiled Java code on any platform without any hassle.

  • C++

Secondly, Another essential programming language that is used to develop android apps is the C++. Developed in 1985, this general-purpose programming language has gone through a lot of modifications. The latest C++ programming language is generic, object-oriented and stuffed with a lot of additional features. 

  • XML

Moreover, XML known as an extensible markup language, the XML defines the rules that are necessary for encoding documents in a format that can be read both by the machine as well as by human beings. The goal of creating XML is to deliver generality, simplicity and usability across all platforms. 


Similarly, KOTLIN is a general-purpose programming language with cross-platform integration, designed mainly to interoperate with the mechanisms of Java. In May 2019, Google declared KOTLIN as a new programming language that can be used to create android apps. Also, KOTLIN works best on platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, JavaScript, etc.

Components Of Android

The components of android are regarded as the building blocks which constitute the foundation of android. Each of the components used in the development of Android apps serves a specific function and has a particular life cycle. Here, we will focus on the four essential components that are required to build android apps. 

  • Activities

As you can understand from its name, activities are those works that an app performs when any user interacts with it. To make the interaction happen and appear seamlessly on the screen, activities deal with user interaction and UI. The number of activities that an app can perform depends on the functionality of the app. When the app is launched, it performs the first activity. This minimum of one activity that the app performs is known as Main Activity. 

  • Services

The background activities performed by an app are known as the services. An example of services is when you listen to a song in an app while looking for some information in Google simultaneously. The primary function of services is to ensure the non-stop working of an android app. To make sure that the tasks are performed effortlessly, services may require a sub-service sometimes. 

  • Broadcast receivers

A broadcast is used to respond to messages from other systems or apps. Once the broadcast receivers capture the broadcast, they take necessary actions against it. Let us consider an example here. When the battery of a phone is low, the operating system of the phone’s system allows a broadcasting message to input the battery saver and make the app take suitable action. In the broadcast receiver, each object is represented by intent objects. 

  • Content providers

The purpose of content providers is used to transfer the data from one application to another when requested by the device. The content provider is largely managed by the content resolver class.


To conclude, you are aware of the basics of android app development, joining any class to learn the process of android app development will no more be a problem to you. Techcronus – a leading mobile app development company in India offers a complete range of highly innovative and advanced Android app development services that encourage businesses to enhance their marketing approach and in obtaining a great number of customers in the market. Call us at +1 (415) 234 7510 and get right solution for your business idea now.

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