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Top WordPress Plugins To Extend Your CMS Capabilities

July 7, 2018

Looking to expand your WordPress website without breaking the bank? An effective plugin can significantly boost the success of your online business.

WordPress Plugins are the key forces of WordPress website development. There are tens of hundreds of free and paid Plug-ins available in WordPress marketplace. From simple blogging to an e-commerce website, WP Plug-ins offer customized functionalities for every range of your requirements. It is moreover simple to use and manage.

Our experts have hand-picked the following WordPress Plugins to extend the functionalities, improve the performance, and fasten content publishing in your WordPress website.

To assist you, we’ve compiled a roster of the finest and essential WordPress plugins, highlighting their key features. Many of these plugins are available for free!


WooCommerce is one of the most popular WordPress Plugins. It is a free eCommerce Plug-in that helps you develop your online store quickly. It seamlessly integrates with the WordPress CMS plugin and gives complete control to developers and store owners. 30% of the total online stores today are empowered by WooCommerce! It brings endless flexibility and free and premium eCommerce extensions to scale up your online business.

The other amazing thing is that there is a free theme called “Storefront”. It is available to any WooCommerce store. It eliminates theme and Plug-in updates while a major update to prioritize site speed and uptime. You can choose the best theme and define the style with various customization options.

Moreover, there are more than 140 region payment gateway integrations with WooCommerce. It includes all the major credit cards, PayPal, Bank transfers and Cash on delivery.

WooCommerce WordPress Plugins


Simple Fields

Simple Fields WordPress Plugins are a great replacement for custom form fields. They have a limitation as the only plain text is supported by custom fields. You can resolve it with Simple Fields. They allow you to add text boxes and areas, radio buttons, dropdowns and a file browser to the post admin area. Simple Fields plug-in also enables you to categorize the group fields into logical and reusable groups.

Simple Fields WordPress Plugins



CustomPress is a great plug-in that allows you to take the full control of your WP edit screen and custom field data. You can add custom fields anytime as you need. You can create and add fields anywhere that includes posts, media, taxonomy terms and custom options pages. It is easy to use with powerful functionalities.

CustomPress WordPress Plugins


CMS Tree Page View

It adds a CMS-like page overview of all your pages and custom posts as well. This is similar to page-focused CMS. It allows you to edit pages, view pages, add pages, search pages and re-arrange pages (Drag and Drop). CMS Tree Page View works well with both hierarchical and non-hierarchical post types.

CMS Tree Page View WordPress Plugins


CMS Dashboard

This plug-in creates a simple dashboard widget with labeled buttons of the most common tasks. It makes it easier for WP users to find what they need without any struggle. It improves the overall usability of the content management system. CMS Dashboard is extremely useful for the non-tech users. They often get stuck while managing or performing even a simple task as they do not have the sufficient knowledge. This plug-in creates the simple and easy to use dashboard that enables them to use the basic and most important functions of the system without searching by making them all clearly visible.

CMS Dashboard WordPress Plugins


CMS Press

CMS Press facilitates WP users to create and manage custom content types and taxonomies for your website. It brings in flexibility that allows users to register their own post_types rather than just having just post or pages. Users can have their own theme of the post and page template along with the unique permalink structure. They can additionally tag or categorize content separately from the default tags and categories.


Pods CMS

With Pods, you can create the entire new content types – custom post types, custom taxonomies, setting pages and advanced content types. You can easily display the custom content and create connections between any of your content to organize it in a more logical manner.

Pods CMS WordPress Plugins


WP-CMS Post Control

WP-CMS Post Control gives you absolute control over your write options at every level of users. You cannot just hide the unwanted items such as custom fields and trackbacks but permits you to deal with creating content with WordPress itself!It has other advanced features as well as disabling autosaves and reducing the number of revisions.

WP-CMS Post Control WordPress Plugins



Paperform’s WordPress Plugins allow anyone to make stunning forms for their WordPress site. Using their simple interface, you can create anything; including simple contact forms, payment processing forms, and landing pages. Use one of their 500+ expert-designed templates or build from scratch, and you’ll have your form up in minutes.

When the submissions come rolling in, use their clear and comprehensive analytics to learn more about your visitors. With 20+ native integrations and access to Zapier, Paperform will work with whatever apps you want to truly enhance your content management systems.

Paperform WordPress Plugins

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