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Web App With ASP.NET Core, MVC, And EF Core

Build Your Amazing Web App With ASP.NET Core, MVC, And EF Core

April 30, 2021

Since the past few years, web apps are getting extremely popular due to the functional benefits they provide over conventional mobile apps. Both of them are pretty similar in nature as well as provide an identical UX/UI, but they have fundamental differences that can impact your choice when thinking of a solution for your enterprise. Today, we will look at the benefits of building an amazing web app for your business. We will also go through the top three coding technologies that you can use for your web app: ASP.NET Core, MVC, and EF Core. Dive in deeper to get insights on the subjects from Techcronus, the specialist web app development company. Let’s get started.

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Differences Between Mobile Apps And Web Apps

A mobile app is developed especially for the native operating system, i.e., iOS or Android, and it needs to be downloaded from their respective app stores. Also, the user needs to download any updates on their device in case of a mobile app. They can also use system hardware. On the other hand, web apps use browsers to provide similar features, and naturally, they require internet connectivity to perform their functions.

In the case of Android OS, web apps can use most of the system hardware, while Apple, which introduced them in the form of progressive web apps (PWAs), might impose certain restrictions. Also, any updates to the web app are made by the owner in the centralized code, and the changes are reflected for the user end. Both of them provide similar functionalities and user experience, but native apps provide better speed and efficiency. However, a good internet connection can help pacify this shortcoming. Let us have a look at the benefits you can avail by using a progressive web app.

Benefits Of Using Web Apps

  • Firstly the user doesn’t need to install the web app on their device. Thus, it doesn’t occupy their device storage space.
  • The users also don’t need to update the web app manually since any changes made on the server-side are automatically updated on the user end.
  • Web apps have a faster time to market as their development process is relatively quick and less complicated.
  • You need not worry about complying with the app store rules and regulations.
  • Web apps also provide SEO benefits to your website.
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Which Is The Ideal Coding Technology For Building A Web App: ASP.NET Core, MVC, Or EF Core

In this section, we are going to have a look at the three popular coding languages that are used for web app development. Let us have a look at them one by one:


ASP.NET CORE is an open-source framework that can be used for building cloud-based web apps with cross-platform functionalities. It provides good support for API integration, quality assurance processes and allows you to integrate client-side frameworks. It is lightweight and can be run on macOS, Linux, and Windows, with its built-in toolings and dependency injection easing the development. It could be the best solution when you are targeting cross-platform needs, containerization, and microservices, along with a highly scalable system.


ASP.NET MVC framework is based on the web form, and it utilizes the time-tested Model-View-Controller approach for designing web apps either directly in (aspx) or Razor Page. This framework is ideal for projects that are dynamic yet containing repetitive patterns. Developed by Microsoft, it provides an array of powerful tools that allows developers to package beautiful themes, data, UI, and APIs into one app.


Here, the EF stands for entity framework, and it is useful for web app development that requires integration with a database. It works as an object-relational mapper (O/RM) to facilitate database utilization for multiple database engines. It also falls under the open-source category and extends the benefits of scalability and flexibility.

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Summing Up

In this article, we went through an overview of web apps and three popular coding frameworks used to build them. But selecting the right one for your business can be tricky, and hence, you should consult a reliable web app development company like Techcronus. Once you send us your requirements, our technical team will study the particulars and come up with a suitable web app development proposal to provide the best solution for your business.

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