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Microsoft Inspire

Microsoft Inspire: Everything You Need to Know about AI transformation & Microsoft partnership

July 26, 2023

Microsoft Inspire is a celebration of the partnerships that have empowered Microsoft to become a front-runner in AI transformation. It is an opportunity to validate our partners’ success and reveal their services and products.

About Microsoft Inspire

Microsoft Inspire is an annual event hosted by Microsoft that brings together its partners worldwide. The event focuses on celebrating partnerships and fostering collaboration within the Microsoft ecosystem. It serves as a platform for sharing knowledge, networking, and learning about the latest technologies and business strategies from Microsoft and its partners.

The event typically includes keynote speeches from Microsoft executives, breakout sessions, workshops, and an expo showcasing the latest products and solutions from Microsoft and its partner companies. Attendees include Microsoft partners, resellers, developers, and other professionals interested in Microsoft’s technologies and services.

The Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards is integral to Microsoft Inspire. These awards recognize outstanding achievements by Microsoft partners in various categories, as you’ve mentioned, such as solution areas, industries, business transformation, and social impact. It serve as a way to acknowledge the exceptional contributions made by partners and highlight their success stories.

The Objective Towards Microsoft Inspire

Throughout Microsoft Inspire, partners have the opportunity to showcase their services and products, demonstrate their innovative solutions, and learn about new opportunities within the Microsoft ecosystem. This event plays a crucial role in building strong partnerships and driving customer success by enabling partners to leverage Microsoft’s technologies effectively.

This year’s Microsoft Inspire continues to make AI a transformative tool for our customers and partners. Techcronus is super excited to launch and update myriad of AI-powered solutions and reveal how Microsoft partners can leverage these AI innovations to their business operations expanding AI capabilities for launching next-gen products that drive impeccable customer growth.

Read below for some of the major announcements from this year’s event.

1. Introducing Bing Chat Enterprise

Bing Chat Enterprise

Microsoft has announced Bing Chat Enterprise to empower organizations with AI-driven chat for enhancing their business data protection. It allows business customers to manage access for better responses, greater efficacy, and new ways to be imaginative and innovative.

Bing Chat Enterprise rolled out in preview to organizations licensed for Microsoft 365 E5, E3, Business Premium, and Business Standard at no additional cost to enhance your decision-making productivity. It prioritizes Data protection and ensures to keep your chat is secure.

Yes, Microsoft has made Bing Chat Enterprise available as a standalone subscription in the future for $5 per user, per month.

2. Announcing Microsoft 365 Copilot Pricing

Microsoft 365 Copilot

Microsoft has unveiled the pricing of Microsoft 365 Copilot. This tool will be priced at $30 per user per month for Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard, and Business Premium customers. Microsoft 365 Copilot significantly encompasses thousands of skills by leveraging business data like – calendar events, emails, contacts, documents, chats and meetings, and more to deliver rich and relevant responses.

So, Copilot will be integrated into popular applications like Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Teams, and Outlook to enhance their productivity and gain actionable insights across the board.

3. Empowering Sellers and Customer Service Agents with AI

empowering sellers and customer service

Additionally, Microsoft is empowering sellers and customer service agents with AI capabilities by integrating Microsoft Sales Copilot with Dynamics 365 Sales for enhanced functionality.

This AI-generated opportunity summaries, contextualized email drafts, and meeting preparations into Dynamics 365 Sales to empower sales and improve their productivity and close more deals. It also provides real-time actionable insights, CRM task automation, and AI-assisted content for delivering personalized customer interactions at scale.

4. Process Mining in Power Automate

Power Automate

Microsoft announced the Process Mining in Power Automatic with next-gen AI features that help organizations in optimizing their workflow and drive efficiencies through low code automation. With these features, users can gain comprehensive insights and suggestions on how to improve the existing processes, access valuable insights, receive application and automation suggestions and quickly build solutions on the Power Platform.

5. Extended availability of Azure OpenAI

Azure OpenAI

Owing to the enthusiasm of organizations for adopting Azure OpenAI service, Microsoft has expanded its availability to more organizations worldwide. Customers often utilize this for building chatbots, summarizing text, and generating content.

6. New capabilities and investments in Azure

Microsoft has also announced its substantial investment into Azure Migrate & Modernize for enhancing its scale and availability. This is completely a new dedicated investment that will promote the demand for AI and analytics. It has further expanded the scenario coverage and offers supernormal incentives and impeccable support to build new AI-powered applications.

7. The new Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program

Microsoft Inspire has reached a major milestone with the launch of the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner program. This program is the next generation of our partner program, allowing each partner to deliver customer value while leveraging Microsoft AI and Microsoft Cloud. The Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program offers partners a comprehensive investment portfolio for all partner business models, at every stage of maturity.

Partners benefit from the entire partner lifecycle, including onboarding, skills, marketing, incentives, and co-selling. Along with the value and benefits of the previous program, partners now have access to new AI-specific offers and benefits.

All existing partners have already been moved to the new program, effective immediately, and will retain their existing benefits and designations. To learn more about the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner program, please visit our website

8. Meta and Microsoft Partnership

Lastly, Microsoft has formed a partnership with its preferred partner – Meta for releasing its Llama Family of large language models on Windows and Azure. So, Azure can easily fine-tune and deploy the 7B-parameter, 13B-parameter, and 70B-parameter Llama 2 models. This partnership will strengthen language model development and deployment.

At Microsoft Inspire, we are thrilled to present the latest developments in AI and highlight the significance of collaboration in propelling digital transformation. These breakthroughs offer boundless opportunities for enterprises to utilize AI technologies and improve their functioning, ultimately resulting in higher achievements and customer contentment.

The Final Words

Microsoft Inspire” is an annual conference hosted by Microsoft that brings together partners worldwide to connect, learn, and collaborate on various technology-related topics, including cloud computing, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and digital transformation. The event serves as a platform for Microsoft to announce new initiatives, programs, and updates while providing partners with insights into the latest industry trends and innovations.

The theme of “Accelerating AI transformation through partnership” suggests that Microsoft is focusing on leveraging partnerships with other companies, developers, and organizations to drive the adoption and integration of AI technologies across various industries. By collaborating with partners, Microsoft aims to accelerate the use of AI and promote digital transformation in a collaborative and mutually beneficial manner.

At such events, Microsoft may showcase AI-related products and services, highlight successful case studies, and introduce new AI tools and platforms designed to support and empower its partners in their digital transformation journey.

Stay tuned with Techcronus for the latest update!



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