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How to upgrade Dynamics NAV To Dynamics 365 Business Central

How to upgrade Dynamics NAV To Dynamics 365 Business Central

January 31, 2023

Microsoft upgrade Dynamics NAV has significantly conquered the market’s throne and brings in massive business opportunities. It looks like the Microsoft team has worked extensively in launching a technology that can streamline your business by ensuring smooth, flexible, and agile services. 

Today, Microsoft Dynamics 365 NAV is contributing significantly to the growth journey of business by enabling tailored tools and solutions. However, businesses still use the NAV version because they fear inconvenience. Do you know why? 

Let us understand both in detail – 

What is Dynamics NAV?

Dynamics NAV is a superlative ERP solution for small-scale and mid-size businesses. It automates and optimizes your business sales, purchasing, operations, accounting, and stock management. 

It is a part of the Microsoft Dynamics suite that includes the bonuses of CRM and ERP software. It covers all of your business processes from – 

  • Finance to purchasing 
  • Warehouse and inventory management
  • Business intelligence
  • Service management
  • Human resources
  • Manufacturing, and distribution

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly known as NAV) is Microsoft’s latest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). It offers an all-in-one business management solution for integrating multiple systems into one. 

It is highly adaptable and rich with features and offers end-to-end solutions for managing all your business processes. 

This finely tuned, technologically advanced solution is flexible by nature and can be customized as per your business needs. It guides you in innovations in product design and development, usability, and implementation. 

Dynamics NAV v/s Business Central: The Comparison

Language & Integration

Business Central is the newer version of Microsoft Dynamics. It uses AL language in the code and offers customization to make upgrades easier to manage and integrate into the long term.

On the other hand, Microsoft Dynamics uses C/AL coding and provides a complete management ecosystem to small and medium-sized businesses. You can use this product on the premises. Most importantly, it has better integration with several other Microsoft products that prevent silos and leverage automation in business operations. 

Hosting Platform

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central vary in the platform they use. You can operate NAV on-site and it can be hosted on local servers. However, you need to host Business Central on Microsoft Azure Cloud. Business Central is launched basically for redesigning and providing more fluidity in business operations. 

User Licenses

Dynamics Business Central follows a monthly subscription model. It charges based on the no. of users per month. You can avail of its benefits by single sign-on and using it across multiple platforms including iOS, PC, and Android. Make your remote working easier and smoother through Business Central. Compared to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it offers a cheaper version and flexibility for your business. 

The upgradation of NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central comes with:

No Silos

You can combine your business operations and streamline your workload. The upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central not only improves the overall efficiency of your business. But also helps you with automated tasks and integration tools for working towards common organizational goals. 


Business Central brings you immense opportunities due to its flexibility. This ERP system operates on a cloud platform that lets you store data and scrutinize information as and when required. Being operated with Azure, you can avail of its features that fit perfectly for your business requirement. 

Includes real-time analysis 

With the upgradation of Dynamics NAV to Business Central, you can have access to important information anytime and get real-time analysis of the same. This will help you further in making critical decisions that can strengthen your business and boost the overall efficiency at the helm. 

Okay, so are you a new NAV user?

Are you using the older version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV such as 4.0, 2009? It is the right time to upgrade your system to the latest version with modern solutions. This will streamline your business operations, enable stringent security standards and ensure software updates and flexibility with the utmost ease and convenience. 

Top 5 reasons to Upgrade Dynamics NAV to Business Central

 Top 5 reasons to Upgrade Dynamics NAV to Business Central

Cloud-based solution with an on-premise option

Upgrading the Dynamics NAV to Business Central offers innumerable business opportunities at the helm. It provides businesses with an opportunity to leverage cloud and on-premise deployments without any additional hassle. 

Moreover, it contributes crucially to upgrading the user interface and making it more scalable, robust, and user-friendly gearing toward the end users. Due to this, businesses can seamlessly host, manage and integrate ERP solutions either in the cloud or on-premises.   

You Are Always on the Latest Version, with the latest tools

When you upgrade Dynamics NAV to Business Central, you get a modern interface with the latest product that makes your system convenient and easy to use. 

Moreover, it ensures significant security solutions and capabilities that safeguard your personal information from phishing or external attacks like malware, data thefts, data loss, and viruses. 

Software Update & Flexibility

If you want smoothness and efficiency in your business and routine operations, then it’s important to upgrade your software regularly. When it comes to cloud-facilitated Dynamics 365 Business Central upgrading, all your further upgrades are taken care of and directly managed by Microsoft. 

Moreover, in the case of on-premise deployment, Dynamics Square manages all your software updates and configuration parts efficiently. So, upgrade your software to Dynamics Business Central and streamline your business operations at the helm with the utmost flexibility. 


Do you have a well-established brand? Or you are running a start-up? 

Are you concerned with the growth of the company? 

When you work hard for your business and spend extra hours in building and strategizing capacity, you tend to be worried and anxious about its growth aspects. So, that’s where you need to upgrade your ERP system into Business Central to facilitate cloud solutions. 

Here everything will be undertaken and managed by Microsoft and therefore you need to worry about your scaling business. This will bring zero downtime and enable you to focus on your core mission of driving productivity in your business. 

Application Support

Upgrading your software from Dynamics NAV to Business Central offers you seamless application support with all Microsoft products. However, this is not possible with the on-premise version. Once you upgrade, you can easily integrate your app through APIs and gain direct access from the application source. 

Moreover, it lets you integrate your Business Central with third-party applications like Google Analytics and Salesforce for tracking the performance and monitoring the current process flow chart. 

Planning of upgrading Dynamics NAV to Business Central?

Undoubtedly, Dynamics NAV has helped businesses immensely in doubling their efficiency parameters. However, it’s time to evolve, to move towards an advanced version supported by the latest tool and technology. 

The upgradation of NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central optimizes your business activities and multifold your efficiency through automated tools. It benefits your business with enough flexibility, scalability, and agility to maintain the productivity of your system at a lower cost. 

So, are you planning to upgrade Dynamics NAV to Business Central? Techcronus is here to help you out. Book an appointment with our certified Microsoft consultant for a stress-free upgrade process. 

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