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What is Microsoft Power BI & 8 Reasons to Use It

What is Microsoft Power BI & 8 Reasons to Use It

July 1, 2022

Microsoft Power BI is a leading business intelligence solution by Microsoft for enterprises of any size that want to extract actionable insights from their data. It packs data visualization, analysis, and reporting features to turn large amounts of data into useful information which the business can use to improve themselves.

More about Power BI in this article as we look at exactly why a business should embrace it for optimum returns.

1. Boosts Productivity

Power BI processes data through four stages – information gathering, integration, reporting and return. This way the data is transformed into useful, actionable information. Power BI can manage all facets of the company including logistics, customer relations, human resources, manufacturing process, sales, and market analysis.

2. Build Personalized Dashboards and Interactive Reports

Power BI’s dashboard is intuitive and has drag-and-drop functionality and interactive visualizations. It can be customized according to the company’s current needs. It lets you generate custom reports, and produce powerful models and visualizations. It can be easily embedded with your requirements to create a unified user experience.

3. Seamless Integration with Other Applications

Power BI can be integrated with other applications and used to process the data it provides. For example, it can be used along with Excel for preparing data charts, Azure for cloud collaboration, Microsoft Cloud App Security to secure your systems from attacks at all fronts, and Microsoft’s Office 365.

4. It’s Affordable

Oftentimes business intelligence comes at exorbitant prices. Not with Power BI. It is cost-effective and affordable. Different versions suiting different enterprise sizes are available starting from $9.99.

5. AI-Powered Benefits

Power BI lets you use Microsoft’s cutting-edge AI technology that is constantly updated. Powered by AI, you can enjoy the benefits of image recognition, and text analytics, create machine learning models and integrate with Azure Machine Learning.

6. Build More with Teamwork

Power BI gives you great options to collaborate with the rest of your team. It has facilities to share dashboards and reports, along with co-ownership of reports. It has in-built chat facilities that let you bring in your teammates on the progress of the work and share critical information. It can integrate with Microsoft Teams and Outlook to enable sharing data easier.

7. Get Real-Time Info

You get real-time reports and updates which can be used effectively to optimize performance. It can analyze customer data and sales performance and provide real-time updates on the dashboard. This real-time information can be used to handle situations and achieve goals effectively.

8. Microsoft Power BI Community

Users of Microsoft Power BI across the globe have an advantage of a thriving community of users. This gives users an extensive platform to share knowledge on applications of the software and get support. Microsoft also has a great customer service program that provides lifetime support while using Power BI.

If you are looking to implement Power BI for your company, look no further than Techcronus. We are a trusted Power BI consulting company that can help you leverage the most sought-after benefits of Power BI for your business.

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