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Why React Native is a Great Choice for Mobile App Development

Why is React Native a Great Choice for Mobile App Development?

July 15, 2022

Developing an app for your business can easily be a game-changer these days. With a complete product development plan in hand, you can venture out to create the app according to your needs. One of the most popular frameworks for developing apps is React Native, an open-source framework by Facebook. The language used is JavaScript for both iOS and Android platforms, unlike other platforms which require different languages for each OS.

If you are wondering which framework to choose for your app development, look no further! Our experts at Techcronus elaborate on the reasons why React Native is your ideal choice. Read on!

1) Write Once and Launch Everywhere

The ability to reuse the written code for iOS and Android platforms is called cross-platform compatibility. React Native follows the principle of ‘write once, launch everywhere’. This allows developers to use the existing code and reuse it. The code from a web app can be used to build a mobile app. 

2) Faster Deployment with A Single Codebase

React Native framework uses only one codebase. You can write the base code of an app using React JS with the native UI library and native APIs. This one app can run on Android platforms as well as iOS. This gives the users the advantage of cutting down development costs as well as time.

3) No Language Learning Involved

Being familiar with JavaScript is enough to develop an app using React Native. Since React Native is a JavaScript framework, it is easy for developers as they don’t have to learn a new language or coding syntaxes.

4) Change Code in Real-Time

Another ingenious way React Native eases the development and testing process is having hot and live reloading, this makes sure that your code changes are applied while the app is loading. Thus, developers can work on changes and it will be updated in real-time. 

5) Active Community support

React Native has a large community, thanks to its popularity. It is also supported by major companies like Walmart. The fact that it is developed by Facebook drives trust. It can be guaranteed to be relevant for a very long time into the future. The community surrounding it is a great source of help for developers. 

6) Better Performing Apps 

Be it to build an entirely new application or to edit an existing app, React Native is a great option. It renders code using native APIs, thus building better-performing apps. Applications built in React Native are more stable and reliable. This is because React Native has a binding strategy for its codebase. This means that one has to modify the state of an object to change it before applying updates.

7) Use Third-Party Plugins

Add an application plugin of your choice to your app with React Native plugins. The two plugins available are Native Modules and JavaScript Modules. This way you can bring more to your app with ease.

Choose React Native with Techcronus

Creating your application is a major business step. There is a low margin for error and a high need for expertise. Techcronus can be your ideal partner for react native app development services. Reach out to us today for a custom quote!


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