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To Cater Your Diverse Web Development Needs

Hire dedicated Laravel developers on full time or hourly basis for your Laravel web application development needs. Our expert Laravel development team easily integrates with your existing team and helps you deliver best results on time.

Techcronus is an expert opensource web application development company in India building simple as well as complex enterprise grade web applications using Laravel framework. With our skilled Laravel developers, we deliver high quality and secure web apps at affordable prices.

Why Should You Choose Laravel?

  • Easy to Start : Laravel is one of those PHP frameworks which is easy to start the developing process with. If someone has a basic knowledge of PHP MVC framework then developing a website or web app using Laravel is no big deal.

  • Open Source : Laravel is an open source and free to use framework that allows you to develop complex and large-scale web application quite easily. What you need is just a LAMP installation and a text editor in order to get your first development project started.

  • A Popular PHP Framework : As per Google Trends, Laravel PHP framework is the most used framework at the moment. The reason for its popularity is, Laravel is a latest MVC framework and can handle large scale complex projects development. Because of this, many companies have started to switch to Laravel framework by hiring dedicated Laravel developers in India.

  • Easy Testing : Testing is an integral part of any web application development project. Laravel is one of those frameworks that allows unit testing. A new change sometimes could damage the system unexpectedly. However, one of the best things about Laravel is that it runs multiple tests to make sure that the web application is stable.

  • Security : Laravel is regarded as one of the most secure and safe frameworks for developing web applications. All you need to do is hire an expert Laravel developer who has good experience in Laravel application development.

Why Should You Hire a Laravel Developer?

  • Rich Knowledge : One of the main reasons as to why should hire Laravel developer India is an expert Laravel developer will bring his or her rich knowledge to your table with which your web application could be developed in a superior way. Having a sound knowledge of the Laravel framework is absolutely a must if you want to develop a great web application.

  • Integration and Customization : One of the benefits of hiring a Laravel developer is that he or she will have the knowledge or customizing and integrating your web application. Furthermore, if your hire Laravel programmer, your chances of bringing the best out of your web application increase by far.

  • Data Migration : Sometimes when you migrate from your current business web application to PHP framework, you could face the danger of losing out some of your existing data. However, when you hire expert Laravel developer, you can rest assured that while migrating, your data will not get lost and you will not be facing the problem of downtime.

  • E-Commerce Development : Developing an e-commerce web application in PHP framework is not an easy job. That is why when you hire dedicated Laravel developer India, he or she will definitely design you the best e-commerce web application through which you can take your online business to the next level.

Simple 6-steps To Hire Laravel Developer From Us

  • Discuss requirements

  • Screen resumes

  • Interview shortlisted developer

  • Sign contract

  • Onboarding and Knowledge transfer

  • Feedback and iterations

Why Hire A Laravel Developer At Techcronus?

  • Solid Experience : Techcronus being one of the best Laravel development company in India, has years of experience in providing superior PHP web application development service using Laravel framework. We know the challenges that could arise while developing the application and because we have experience of handling those challenges, you can be rest assured that your web application will be built up to the mark.

  • 24/7 Support and Maintenance : Every online business needs almost 100% uptime. If you have hired a dedicated Laravel developer for your projects, you will get 24/7 maintenance support so you are always stress-free.

  • Testimonials : Customer satisfaction is what we are proud at. Our customers recommend us when someone looks to hire dedicated Laravel developer. This is because the quality of work and timely deliver we offer for every project we do for our customers.

  • Pricing : As Laravel is a relatively new framework, finding Laravel developers is a cost affair. However, at Techcronus we always believe in customer relationship and offer affordable prices as well as flexible business models for our Laravel development service.

Why Choose Us

  • Highly Skilled Laravel Developers

  • Increased agility and productivity

  • 24/7 Technical support

  • Proven development and execution methodologies

  • Cost effective yet quality services

  • Source code authorization

  • Improved customer satisfaction

  • Minimized risks of project failure

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