Live Music Streaming App Development

The year-end reports by Statista show that in 2019, the revenue for live music streaming reached 11.4 billion US Dollars globally. Creating your own music streaming app can prove beneficial, now more than ever. Our team of experienced developers utilise the latest tools and technology to create innovative music streaming apps like Spotify and SoundCloud. Let us shape your ideas into reality. Our live Music Streaming App Development solutions focus on building music apps as per different aspects.

Techcronus Business Solutions is a renowned name in the IT industry to offer best-in-class solutions for music streaming app development. We build music streaming app for iPhone and Android that rock. Be it on-demand streaming, to apps for bands, music editing, and learning, we are the one-stop solution for music streaming app development service.

Let experts create music streaming apps with added functionality and interactive UI. We build music editing and learning applications to provide users with extraordinary user experience. We build with tools like real-time analytics, GPS technology, cloud operations for cost efficiency and advertisement management.

With years of experience and technical knowledge, Techronus – A Live Music Streaming App Development Company, provides you with a range of tools and expertise to build innovative and cost-effective music streaming apps.

Our On-Demand Live Music Streaming App Solutions

App for Listeners

  • Social Media Login
  • Dashboard
  • Creating Music Playlists
  • Downloading Favourite Music
  • Live Streaming
  • Like, share and track music
  • Push Notifications
  • Search for songs, covers and albums

App for Artists

  • Upload covers and music
  • Reach more listeners
  • Add lyrics to your tracks
  • Reviews for your tracks
  • A platform for new talents

Web Admin Panel

  • Upload new and famous tracks
  • Edit tracks, styles and albums
  • Delete tracks and albums
  • Pre-listen to music tracks
  • Managing membership/ subscription
  • Manage users
  • Manage advertisements and promotions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to develop live music streaming app?

We offer two-business models for our On-Demand live music streaming app Solution:

  • Monthly subscription payment for a white-labelled solution
  • One-time fixed payment for developing a custom solution

Please contact us for more details.

How much time will it take to deploy this solution?

We have a ready-made solution. If you are not looking for any unique, special or customized features, we can deliver the solution within 10 working days. This time is required to set-up the apps with your branding and publish them on the app store and play store.

How long do you provide After-sales support?

If you buy a custom solution from us, you will have free warranty support for 3 months. If you opt for our monthly subscription plan, you will get monthly support until your subscription ends.

Which technology platform this solution is built on?

We have used native iOS and Android app development technologies for mobile apps and opensource web technologies for website and admin panel.

Develop your own On-Demand Music Streaming App Like Spotify and build-up your loyal listener base for your podcast