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5 Reasons Why Should You Choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM

5 Reasons Why Should You Choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM

September 1, 2021

As we move towards an era of 360-degree hyper-connectivity, the number of customers, interactions, platforms, channels, and factors impacting customer experience are skyrocketing. Managing, synchronizing, and administering them, and keeping everything on one page can’t be possible with a dedicated automation tool.

Today, we will discuss five reasons why you should use a CRM tool and how Microsoft Dynamics can be an ideal fit. As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant firm, we find that it can serve your businesses right from your initial customer contact to post-sales support to create a wholesome customer experience. Here are our top five reasons why should you choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

MS Dynamics 365 Adds Tremendous Value To Customer Relationships

Providing a consistent customer experience across all touchpoints on a consistent basis takes growing businesses a long way in retaining their client base. Dynamics 365 helps in connecting every source of customer information across all channels, including integrated webchat and self-service portals. Its integrated sales, marketing, and customer service platform adapt easily to your business requirements.

It also helps in managing all your relationships through a single interface with multi-level access control. Centralizing tasks and data will help businesses to focus on what matters most, never missing out on opportunities while also increasing their operational efficiency. Further, this will build a more optimized customer experience that is curated to meet their evolving expectations.

Stat Time: The CRM market is expected to touch $80 billion by 2025.

It Ensures Data Security And Data Fidelity

Microsoft corporation is well known for the high level of data security it provides to its customers. Its state-of-the-art security model provides enterprise-grade data integrity and fidelity to support efficient data access and collaboration. With MS Dynamics 365, you can be assured that your client relationship management teams get access to only the required data, and yet all of them work in a coordinated manner that is both tractable and dynamic. It fulfills the EU privacy criteria as well to safeguard both your and your customer’s interests.

As Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant, we find that this should be an important consideration for any organization that intends to store and process customer data.

MS Dynamics 365 Can Capture Your Business Data With A Great Degree Of Efficiency

Dynamics 365 Marketing enables the collection of data under a common entity other than a lead or contact. You can create custom triggers and workflows that will enable you to capture and process data based on your organizational requirements.

You can automate processes for lead qualifications, service issues, and other business processes. This reduces work duplication and risks associated with manual processing, like inaccuracy. As a CRM tool, it allows you to make sense of data in an all-around manner and establish correlations. This added flexibility will empower your business to make informed decisions and mobilize your efforts to stay in full sync with your customer behavior.

MS Dynamics 365 Enables You To Make Timely And Informed Decisions

With Dynamics 365, you can get clear insights from your business data. It works in an agile cloud environment with built-in digital intelligence. This is all thanks to Microsoft’s digital intelligence and predictive analytics, supported by machine learning. The time needed to process the data is also reduced significantly, thus giving you an upper edge. You can make conscious decisions for your business by using real-time and historic analytics reports. For a firm that hasn’t used a proper CRM tool previously, this enables them to quickly respond to consumer and market changes.

It Can Be Integrated Easily With Microsoft Office 365

Dynamics 365 can be easily integrated with Office 365 and other Microsoft platforms. For instance, integrating Dynamics 365 with Microsoft Teams can let you access a shared workspace for Office apps. This can be achieved through a collaboration with employees across functions, integrate files using Office 365, and automatically sync to Common Data Service.

This paves the way for great efficiency and productivity. It integrates with commonly used applications such as Outlook, Excel, and Word. Apart from this, Dynamics 365 also makes integration possible with other tools like ESP software and marketing automation solutions.

Are you Looking To Integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Way Forward

The data-driven decision making and versatility that comes with CRM tools enables businesses to create value-driven long term relationships that can never be done manually. Techcronus is one of the market leaders when it comes to providing services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 in USA, and you can absolutely get in touch to get further guidance on the topic.

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