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7 Things To Consider Before Hiring ASP.NET Development Services

June 1, 2022
The process to hire ASP.NET developers has to be such that it enables you to find an expert who can deliver your expectations and goals most effectively. Here are seven steps that you should consider before hiring ASP.NET developers to help you make a correct decision:

1. Specify The Clear Hiring Model

Companies typically rely on the following three models when employing the services of a developer.

Fixed Cost

Where you pay the fixed sum for completing a project to the professional, this model works best when you have a one-time project with very-to-the-point specific requirements.

Full Time

There you hire the developer in a full-time capacity, and they will be working from your office as the rest of your staff. If you have ongoing long-term requirements, this model is proved as the most cost-effective.


This means you hire an ASP.NET developer as a freelancer and pay them on an hourly basis. This model is best suited for quick and immediate requirements when you don’t have the time to go through an elaborate hiring process.

Here are salary insights that you need to keep in mind if you want to hire ASP.NET development services::

.Net Schedule


2. Build A Detailed Job Description

ASP.NET developers come with various expertise and skill sets. To successfully find a talent that is the right fit for your enterprise, you must build a detailed and well-structured job description.

The focus should be on effectively communicating your requirements and the scope of the job. You can get creative and depend on an out-of-the-box approach to gain attention to the job listing, but make sure the emphasis on creativity doesn’t take away from the content of the description.

3. Code Refactoring Abilities

Here, if this is the first time you are getting your website or app developed, you should be aware that development is not a one-time task. It is an ongoing process that requires full engagement from both the developer’s side as well as yours. During your search for an ASP.NET developer, you will certainly come across many programmers who would claim to make your site run in no time and with perfect accuracy.

Moreover, it is a certainty that your app or website will need an update in the future. It could be a massive upgrade to keep with the latest market trends, or it could be minor bug fixes that can’t be foreseen during the development process. You are going to need an expert ASP.NET developer with an equally strong ability to refactor that code according to your will.

It might seem a difficult task to find out if a developer has good refactoring skills or not. However, suppose you are not a technical person. In that case, all you need to do is ensure that the developer is working on long-term projects or not, where a constant need for development is directly incorporated in the project.

4. Offshore ASP.NET Developers

When you put up a requirement for an ASP.NET developer on a global platform, you will come across a wide range of applications from developers with variously different backgrounds. The key difference in their profile is the place where they are located. If you are thinking about what a region has to do regarding programming, then scroll through individual portfolios, and you will see the difference yourself. 

There are tremendously talented ASP.NET developers that might just happen to be living outside your country; based on the market statistics in their region, their charges can be different as white and black. For example, if you hire ASP.NET developers from India, it will cost you much less than the US, even after having similar qualifications and ASP.NET skills.  

If you can set up continuous communication with an ASP.NET developer from outside your country, this will save you hundreds of dollars every month; there is no doubt that hiring an offshore ASP.NET development company is a better choice than paying more to get the same work done by a local developer.

5. Check Experience

The amount of experience that the developer is having is equally important to consider. The developers should have the requisite technical skills and expertise to work on ASP.NET projects. The developers should have rich experience creating applications from scratch to migrating legacy applications to the current ASP.NET platform. Ensure that the company you are hiring can cater to your needs whenever required. 

Developers should also have the capabilities to customize ASP.NET solutions and integrate with different plug-ins, modules, and mobile OS. Indeed it is necessary to assess the skill set instead of merely relying on the number of years that they have spent in the field. You can also go for their client reviews and recommendations to add more clarity on whether they will be a good overall fit.

6. Conduct Interviews

Once the vast pool of candidates has been filtered out, it is time to get to the interview phase to hire ASP.NET developers. The first step is a general interview that your hiring team can set up and conduct for you; you can also sit with them if you have invested in the process. 

The candidates who qualify for this first round have to face a technical interview team where the main focus should be on accessing the candidate’s grasp of their area of expertise. It would be in your best interest if you use some sort of interviewing tools to keep the process tractable, and they might help you with onboarding as well.

7. Seal The Deal

At the end of the selection process and interview, you have to shortlist at least two or three potential candidates to hire as ASP.NET developers. Now it’s the final time to spell out the details such as total working hours, expected pay, delivery timelines, and so on in a documented format. 

Once you and the selected candidate are on the same page regarding the terms and conditions of the job, your journey to hire a potential ASP.NET developer has reached its logical conclusion. Finally, seal the deal by signing the contract. It is necessary to sign NDAs and SLAs to safeguard both parties’ interests and keep the post-hiring process manageable.

Summing Up

We hope that this article helps you find the best talent for your IT products. In case you need to discuss with experts, feel free to get in touch with Techrnous. Our ASP.NET developer services division will go through your requirements and come up with a tailored solution to all your needs.

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