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Develop Intelligent Apps With Apple’s Revolutionary Machine Learning Framework

September 26, 2017

“In 2017, the global machine translation market is estimated to reach 450 million U.S. dollars in size”, according to Statista report. With the rise of artificial intelligence and automated processes, the world is all set to embrace the language of self-driven cars and AI-initiated conversation. Mobile is the future. Leading digital transformation has become an imperative to drive business growth for any organization.

Well, the tech world is moving ahead with pace and focusing on automation through the inventive hardware and modern software. Tech-giant Apple’s operating system update and latest iPhones are at the center of the talk these days. Apple has unveiled the two advanced frameworks at the WWDC 2017 event to take automation to the next level.

Showcasing the next-level of automation, Apple has introduced Core Machine Learning and Augmented Reality frameworks that will definitely change the entire aspect of iPhone application development.

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Core ML: Potential to Execute Artificial Intelligence

As Apple has introduced the machine learning framework, iPhone app developers are trying to make most out of the advanced Core ML framework. In order to create the seamless user experience and intelligent apps, this core ML model lets you incorporate a wide range of machine learning functionalities into your mobile application.

By minimizing the code structure and eliminating the repetitive tasks, Apple’s Core ML framework supports many machine learning tools and speeding up AI execution on iPhone, iPad, and Apple watch. Put simply, machine learning app development is revolving around the advanced frameworks that have the ability to execute complex tasks by itself.

The specific are as where you can use Core ML to build Intelligent Mobile Apps

  • Face detection
  • Face recognition technology
  • Object tracking
  • Face tracking
  • Image recognition
  • Text translation
  • Landmarks
  • Barcode detection

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Apple’s Core ML is specifically designed to support enhanced tools such as tree ensembles, linear models, and neural networks. This results in high-end AI enabled apps along with intelligent predictions based on inputs and user behavior.

How Is Machine Learning Useful To Build Intelligent Mobile Apps?

Undoubtedly, machine learning applications are drawing the attention of the IT industry due to its wide usage in utility apps. Automating tasks and simplifying the user experience, machine learning APIs are unfolding the AI opportunities in the apps. By integrating Core ML modules, you can emphasize on the personalization and business-centric needs. With the release of this framework, Apple has given a platform to execute the true potential of AI in business and enterprise-level apps.

One point which is likely to draw your attention is, Mobile is the appropriate platform for providing an array of opportunities in the world of AI. It can demonstrate the advantages of machine learning with great relevancy and personalization. Mobile is mainstream and trendsetter technologies have already changed the way one think and do business. Businesses and enterprises have already recognized the power of mobile apps to accelerate the business growth.

There are many such aspects where the combination of apps and machine learning can do wonders for your business. Real-time analytics, advanced search, marketing automation, fraud detection, and promotion, these are the areas where our iPhone app development team can help you stay ahead of the rest by integrating core ML features.

The strategic trend of machine learning application is influential due to its future aspects towards automation. The enhanced framework such as Core ML can help you to build intelligent apps. Machine learning is a set of practices that includes statistics, behavior, interest, mathematics, and computer science. Lots of organizations have already invested in machine learning and benefited by it. Do you think it can fulfill business accomplishments? How it will befit to your ever-changing business needs?

Empower your idea and activate business growth by making most of iPhone app development and core ML framework. IT industry is moving with the virtual and intelligent environment and it is the right time to frame your business needs into great apps. To know more about how we can help you develop your iOS machine learning app, Reach us out here.

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