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Apple iOS 11 Release: Here Is Everything You Need To Know

September 26, 2017

“Think different.”
Unveiling the tradition to do something different, Apple has launched the newest operating system, iOS 11. Dominating the world with inventive smart hardware and software updates, Apple is unbeatable when it comes to innovation. A few days ago, when Apple introduced the update of iOS 11 and launch of iPhone 8 and X, everyone including iPhone users, iPhone app developers, and associated professionals were trying to explore the iOS 11 update which is perhaps, most awaited iOS update.

Digital transformation is changing every aspect of automation at high velocity and to stay updated with newest features and trend is the primary factor for driving growth. With this focus, iPhone app development is expected to drive higher revenue generation by exploring latest features of Apple’s operating system update. Without any further ado, let’s take a tour of the newest features of iOS 11 that arehidden behind the surface.

iOS 11 has some major updates including Apple Pay, a more advanced Siri, and a customizable control center. Well, the majority of you have heard about it and updated it to get some refreshing and groundbreaking changes. And if you haven’t updated your operating system, here is everything you need to know about iOS 11 update.

Apple Pay: What You Have Expected?

One of the best features of iOS 11 is Apple Pay. The peer-to-peer Apple Pay allows you to transfer and receive money through the Apple Wallet. It is considered as an easier and secure payment transaction. you can transfer money through phone’s messaging app within few fingertips.


Smarter Siri: A Voice Assistant To Take An Action

Machine learning is a buzzing term these days. Apple’s Voice Assistance – Siri has been updated to understand the context, movements, user actions, interest, and so on. Now Siri will offer a range of the suggestions based on your app usage. Apple has also facilitated the multilingual translation using voice control. This overhauled feature will be handy for the iPhone users.

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Redesigned Control Center: An Appealing And Customized Experience

Apple has also announced the revamped control center for iPhone which gives cleaner and clearer look. It fills the entire screen and offers you a lot more customized options. The customized options as per your frequently-used tools and apps, this aesthetic change can be very handy. Along with that, users can now add 3D touch options as well.

Augmented Reality And Animoji: Top Of The Updates

Exploring thepotential of Augmented Reality, Apple has incorporated some exciting features in iOS 11. The ARKit of iOS 11 allows developers to go a little dipper in AR world with the built-in camera and motion sensors. In order to create theseamless and innovative user experience in the gaming world, this feature brings thepotential for lot more games and apps. The exciting feature of iOS 11 includes Animoji, the animated face feature that tracks your facial expression and creates animated characters to further use in messaging apps. Tapping more into an AR world, iPhone app development companies will use the extensive skill set and updated features to shape the ideas into reality. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are now setting milestones in every business industry that drives enhancement.

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Loop And Bounce Effects In Photos: Create Your Memories!

With the launch of iOS 11, Apple has introduced Loop, Bounce, and Long Exposure effects. It allows users to create continuous loops of the video, similar to Instagram’s Boomerang feature. The live photo editing will definitely be useful to the users along with portrait mode photos, optical image stabilization, HDR, and so on.


iOS 11 also includes some genuinely useful features such as Do Not Disturb while driving mode, Emergency SOS, enhanced camera app, improvised maps, screen recording, and smart storage. Download it, upgrade it, and install the new version of iOS 11 to enhance user experience! You’re definitely going to enjoy it! Do you have any idea in your mind or do you want to develop iPhone app to take your business to the higher level? Discuss your idea with us and we will make it happen by keeping ‘client satisfaction’ as a primary factor. Our qualified team of iPhone app developers is dedicated to delivering brilliance in every requirement. Driver better business, we’ll help you to do so! To know more about how we can help you develop your iOS app or migrate to iOS 11, reach us out here.

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