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What’s New In Dynamics NAV 2017 – Part I

August 30, 2017

In this article, I would like to highlight some of the major enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 version.



There are Description and Description 2 fields in the Item table where you can enter additional information about a particular item.

  • NAV 2017 comes with a new feature called ‘Item Attributes’ to store additional details and reduce the compilation related to items. You can define an “Attribute” from item card action.
  • Item attributes can be assigned either to single items or to item categories.
  • For more details about how to work with Item Attributes in Dynamics NAV 2017, please keep checking our blog section.


With the introduction of Outlook and Excel Add-Ins, Dynamics NAV is now connected to your office providing you a seamless user experience. Create and send documents to your business contacts directly from Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Bookings. Access all your financial data with all the charting and data analytics functionality of Microsoft Excel by creating a data connection. Changes to the data, including adding and deleting records, can be published to Dynamics NAV database. Stay connected and boost the productivity of your business by having your NAV ERP and Office 365 connected. Now Dynamics NAV is directly linked to Office 365 which means you can easily manage business interactions with your customers and vendors directly within Outlook.

Outlook Ad In

From Outlook App, the integration between NAV and Office 365 allows you to see dashboards for contacts, customers and vendors, which contain charts and cubes. The improved compatibility enables you to easily create customers, vendors, quotes, and invoices, all without leaving Outlook. There is also improved Word integration, to help you lay out your documents professionally. The seamless experience means that you can save time, increase accuracy, and offer your customers an improved experience by navigating effortlessly between NAV and Office 365.


Dynamics NAV 2017 includes an add-in so you can invoice your customers based on entries in your Outlook calendar. From a calendar appointment, you can open the Dynamics NAV add-in and get an overview for the customer associated with the appointment. Then, you can create and send an invoice for the services provided in the meeting – all of this happening right there inside your Outlook calendar. You can work directly with attachments of the associated email. In addition, NAV makes it easy to update the add-in – you’ll get notified that a new version is ready for you in Outlook.


The add-in works for attachments in email as well – you can send the email attachments directly to the Incoming Documents list and send the documents, such as PDF files, to an Optical Characters Recognition (OCR) service. Here the documents are turned into a machine-readable format so that the invoice information can be added automatically to Dynamics NAV – this reduces the risk of errors and as a result increases productivity.

Email Templates

You can now create beautiful, professional-looking email cover-letter templates that include images and invoice information, such as totals, due dates, and payment terms, to use when sending emails to customers.


From the Contacts List in Dynamics NAV, you can manually synchronize your Dynamics NAV contacts to Office 365 People. The contacts from Office 365 will sync back to Dynamics NAV as well. There is a filter that can be applied to the synchronization process so users will only need to sync the contacts they use most often. This same filter is used during the automatic background sync as well. This synchronization process also works with Microsoft Outlook on the desktop.

Looking For Integration with Microsoft NAV with Your Website?


If you set up a SharePoint site, you can add Microsoft Dynamics NAV as an app to the site so that Dynamics NAV Web client opens when the user clicks on the app icon. Then, you can add web parts that show Microsoft Dynamics NAV data, such as a list of sales invoices with overdue payments. Users can drill down into the data and the web parts will open the relevant page in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client when the user clicks on an icon or a link.


With embedded Power BI it is easy to create insightful charts and reports and to make them available in your Dynamics NAV 2017 Role Center. All reports created in Power BI can be made visible in Dynamics NAV 2017’s Role Center. Therefore, NAV 2017 allows users to get exactly the information they need to perform tasks directly from their Role Center.


Dynamics NAV 2017 offers a number of enhancements across its Windows, Web, Tablet and Phone Clients Smart notifications are shown at the top of the page and provide subtle guidance towards completing a task. Notifications can alert users to do things such as whether an Item they are selling is available. You can take action directly from that notification, such as raise a new PO for the unavailable item. (all clients) Bricks provide an alternative display to classic rows in all lists. Bricks flow naturally to fill the available space and are a more compact representation of a record. (Web, Tablet & Phone) Lists can be displayed as a series of picture thumbnails, each representing a record. You can toggle between wide and tall bricks, displaying small or larger thumbnails. (Web, Tablet & Phone). There are many more such interesting new features of Dynamics NAV 2017. Please continue reading Part II WHAT’S NEW IN DYNAMICS NAV 2017– PART II of this blog article and feel free to get in touch with us at for your Dynamics related questions.

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