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Google December 2020 Core Algorithm Update: 4 Major Factors That Will Boost Your SEO Result In 2021

December 19, 2020

Google unveiled the latest set of December 2020 updates. It’s the third update that happen in 2020 with giving average start with the algorithm announced. The Google December 2020 update is possibly bigger than one seven months ago, which happen to be in May 2020. The new update took more time due to this pandemic situation. But we still don’t know what impact this update will bring.

Core update background information

The quick response from the SEO community to the core update announcement is anxiety and panic. With brushing up based on core updates, it helps to quell out some concerns. The updates bring new opportunities for sites along with getting optimization efforts over the past several months. Google’s new core update reassess how content should rank with the following changes made to the site.

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How big is the Google December 2020 Core Algorithm Update?

Whenever Google made an update, Google reassesses that the SERP rating of websites builds expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. With the previous Google announcement, the major core algorithm update intended to reassess the content quality.

One of the major factors for the December 2020 core update is its thin content and unsupported backing which won’t work anymore.

Backing up content and keyword stuffing with poor backlink sources on the website are no longer possible. The content which is thin, short, and of poor quality does not cover the topic extensively. The real value of high-quality writing  and in-depth knowledge of the industry is critical than ever.

The backlinking is still an essential part of Google’s algorithms for SERP outcomes. The content with backlink went down after May 2020 and is expected to continue in December too. If the range supported by links is poor quality or does not match with the text, then Google update will recognize it. Jump to the ranking by using the rich content, and proper backlinks give a better user experience.

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Some of the main differences the algorithm update has made are:

  • Google Communication

Previously, Google was silent about updates which led to SEO speculation. Therefore, Google now announces every core update and allow the webmaster to know what specific action is needed to prepare for it.

  • Specific Tactics vs broad quality

Google past update target-specific tactics. For example, the update rolls out to fight webspam and link schemes like a penguin or low-quality content. This Google, update improved the search quality and overall search results.

  • Punitive vs rewarding

In the previous update, Google sought to rank relevant and high-quality results. With punitive updates, it accomplishes this goal. Now with the new update focuses on rewarding excellent and relevant content. But what about sites that performed worse after an update. Let’s wait for what this update brings.

  • Sitewide vs specific keyword

Previously, there was more sweeping quality to Google algorithm updates. But with the new update, one can get a better understanding of an influenced performance and its specific keyword combos.

December 2020 Core Update Highlights

  • The update comes with more content-oriented and focused on quality.
  • Fluctuation in ranking positions is noticed for search queries globally.
  • The update will result in the dropping of keywords, traffic, and loss of rich snippets.
  • The update improves contextual outcomes for search queries.
  • No website affected by Google update, however, to enhance content quality.

How one can know if they are affected by May 2020 core update?

If your site performance in search engine effects in some way but uncover how you were involved can be tricky for some. The Google core update isn’t punitive like in the past. Where the entire site might get penalized with leaving an unable ranking in search results.

The Google Core update gives better serving relevant to specific queries. There are chances that few pages are under-rewarded and now are ranking better. It means few pages may rank well based on questions and they weren’t a great answer for.

What’s next?

Google advise for core update to remain the same. If you’re looking for ranking with Google’s new ranking algorithm, then make sure you do usual things like:

  • Create web pages with Good Content

The website should contain many pages related to your website topic. If your website content is unique, you’ll get much high ranking on Google.

  • Get Good links from other websites

To rank your pages, your web pages should have a good number of links related to websites. Make sure you analyze the links that point to your site and improve the links that point to your web pages.

  • Make sure that your website is mobile-ready

Your website should work on mobile phones. Keep a note to audit your website in SEOprofiler. Check the pages indexed by mobile search engine robots.

  • Use structured data markup code

It’s not necessary to use structured data markup code to get ranking, but rich results help in improving the look of your website on Google’s search results pages. The rich results help SEOprofiler to create the necessary code as possible.

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