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How On-Demand Application Suddenly Becoming So Important To The Service Industries?

March 19, 2020

In today’s technologically advance world, the business sector has changed to a great extent. Everything can happen at the tap of fingers in a flick of seconds. Feeling hungry? Get food delivered at home. Need to buy clothes? Shop through websites sitting at home. Need a massage? Call the experts at your home. There are various industries which have changed the way it used to work, due to the on-demand economy.

With the advent of on-demand application, there has been a huge shift in the lifestyle of the people. In simple terms, such an application allows a customer to put a requirement online and through the app services, those requirements are fulfilled offline. The user needs to download an application on their mobile phone and start booking their required services.  In a broader sense, the on-demand economy has become popular due to the convenience factor. People relish the home-delivery idea, which has brought an increase in the customers engaging with such an application.

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The Transformation of the On-demand Mobile Applications

On-demand mobile apps have changed the dynamics of the business sector. The latest technological advances are changing the on-demand economy every day. A recent study shows that around 49% of the population engaging with such an application is below 30 years of age. This shows that on-demand mobile apps are going to be the next big thing in the future.


Let’s discuss a few industries in detail where on-demand application have changed the working patterns tremendously.

Food Industry

Earlier, you were required to get out of your house, go to a restaurant and then eat food. But, with today’s technology, you can easily order outside food, sitting in front of your mobile screen. And the best part is that the food gets delivered to you at home. For the businesses, this has been profitable as they reach a larger target group.

Cab Services

Remember when it was difficult to find a cab to go somewhere? Now, you just need to book a cab/auto to go someplace. All you need to do is download the required application, enter you starting and ending destinations and book the cab. Find transportation anytime, anywhere. On the other hand, cab/auto drivers are earning more due to an increase in the customer reach.

Beauty Experts

Now, you do not need to go to salons to get your beauty treatments done. The salon will come to your home. You can easily specify the services you require and book through the application. The experts will come to your home and you won’t have to wait in long queues anymore.


Statistics reports show that around 7.7 billion people utilize transportation services, in the on-demand economy. It’s not mandatory that these users belong to the business sector. Individuals need transportation services to send couriers like medicines, letters, packages and much more.

Health and Wellness

There are a number of companies which provides doorstep services for pharmacy, delivering medicines, health supplements and such. In addition, medical tests like sample gathering, x-ray reports, measuring blood pressure and much more are done at the patient’s house. This is one of the main reasons as to why people love the on-demand economy.

Online Coaching

Today, nothing is bound by geographical differences. With the internet in the on-demand economy, people have access to a lot of new things and resources. Anyone can get educated from any part of the world. Distance doesn’t matter. A person sitting in India can learn from New York. This has become possible due to the on-demand mobile application, where people tutor the students on various subjects. In addition, people can hire private tutors from anywhere worldwide as per their convenience.

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Why are On-demand Applications Popular?

When you look around, you can notice that around half of the population globally depend on on-demand mobile apps for daily functioning. Here is a list of features that make on-demand mobile apps so popular amongst the millennial.


One of the main things behind the popularity of these applications is the delivery factor. When food gets delivered to your home, salon comes at home, the cab comes to your location, and packages get delivered at home and what not! Nowadays people can get anything from the comforts at their home, as per their convenience.

Tracking status

Another popular feature of the on-demand economy is tracking shipment or order status. You can easily get details about your order on your mobile phones. Food delivery apps have an in-built feature, which allows you to track your order through a map. For packages being delivered like Amazon and Flipkart, they mail a tracking link where you can see your shipment status.

Payment Options

With technology evolving every day, people are adopting digital transactions more. When you order from a particular on-demand mobile application, you get to select the most preferred payment method. You have numerous payment options like Bank transfer, UPI payment, e-wallets, card payment, gift cards, and cash on delivery and much more. With such indispensable choices, customers prefer the on-demand economy.

Order Cancellation

A lot of on-demand application allow the facility to cancel orders. This means that after placing an order, you can easily cancel it, within a limited time period. This feature is feasible if you order by mistake, order the wrong product, no longer need the product or maybe just change your mind. Some companies even cancel your order after shipping the product.

Reviews and Evaluation

On-demand application provide customers with a review option. Here, customers can tell about their feedback and how did they like the services. The rating system also helps companies to understand their work delivery better and the scope of improvement. This will aid in improving the customer’s experience.


With a range of on-demand application launching every day, the dynamics of the user experience has changed drastically. These on-demand application have helped businesses earn profits and grow their market sales. With new and innovative applications launching, users can avail almost any service sitting at their homes. This convenience factor has changed the way business sector works today.

There are a number of challenges to this business model like rules and regulations and expanding in different cities. But, the future of on-demand mobile application calls for more unique structures which will change the way people indulge with various services.

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