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How to hire a .Net Developer?

How to hire a .Net Developer?

October 28, 2022

Today’s advanced technology is extremely beneficial in developing desktop and web-based applications. A cost-efficient .Net technology is your answer to meeting your business goals over the cloud. But to make the most of this.Net technology, one will need expert .Net Developers. At Techcronus, we provide you with the finest .Net team of developers to meet all your needs.

The maximum output of the .Net technology is dependent on good developers. The key insights to look forward to before hiring a world-class .Net developer are listed down below. If we evaluate the Global .NET Technology Market from the year 2017, this technology market was valued at $421B and is expected to reach $777B by the year 2022. This results in a CAGR of 8.3% in the duration of 5 years from 2017 to 2022.

Brief on .Net Technology:

Dot Net or .Net is open-source software and a free cross-platform. This software has a Framework Class Library (FCL) making the language refined and flexible for the pool of expert programmers. Through FCL, programmers can merge their codes easily with the .Net framework thereby easily and rapidly developing applications.

Who are the best fit .Net Developers?

A Dot Net Developer is extremely passionate to meet the needs of an organization by developing applications for the web and desktop. They are also proficient in .Net development frameworks such as C#, VB.Net, Core.Net, ASP.Net, and more.

Characteristics of a skilled .Net developer

All .Net developers are unique in their field with a specialized skill set. In order to match your requirements with the right developer, it is essential to list down your needs for your project. With a list of well-defined requirements, it becomes easier to find the right .net development company whose team of efficient developers will meet your specific needs.

Techcronus is renowned as a global web development company wherein we believe communication is the key. We make detailed notes about the creative requirements of our clients in order to meet the same. We believe that when we get the communication right, we are almost halfway through the flow of your project.

  1. If you are hiring a fresher.Net developer, it is important to ensure that they have basic know-how about the ASP.Net frameworks, design trends, SQL, and even MVC.
  2. As a fresher, one should be fluent in at least one of the .Net languages to keenly solve problems.
  3. The developer should be a graduate in Computers, Engineering, or one of the similar fields in order to follow through with the technical guidance.
  4. A junior .Net developer should have proven experience of 0-2 years of working on C# and .Net as well as a fluent understanding of OOP architecture and other programming skills.
  5. A junior .Net developer will be familiar with the ASP.Net framework and should know how to function with third-party APIs.
  6. A junior developer must have some experience in front-end development as well as good exposure to HTML, jQuery, and CSS.
  7. A senior .net developer will have at least 3 to 6 fruitful years in the production of .Net Technologies for .Net Framework 4.6.1 and above.
  8. Moreover, as a senior developer, one must have strong logical reasoning and problem-solving skills to handle SOAP and REST APIs
  9. Seniority as a developer comes with a sufficient experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery along with platforms like TFS builds, GIT
  10. Senior .Net developers are knowledgeable in SQL Server Management Studio 2017, DB2 Client for the entire Project Life Cycle creation
  11. Senior Developers must be thorough with Redis Caching, AppFabric Caching, MS Logging, Log4Net, and Serilog along with some years of experience in Static AppSec Testing, and Dynamic AppSec Testing.
  12. As senior .Net developers, it is their job to be affiliated with some of the security tools such as Fortify, Sonatype, and Web Inspect
  13.  A senior developer will be able to bridge the table with their in-depth knowledge of Octopus, Splunk, PCF, and Datastax Enterprise Library (DSE)

Now when you interview your potential web development companies, you can ensure their developers execute the code in a clean, effective and proper format along with assessing their understanding of wireframes, designs, specifications, etc. If someone has a history of working on complex .Net development projects, it will certainly count as brownie points.

To make you sail through your .Net development venture, Techcronus is your one-stop .Net development project. By outsourcing your .Net Development projects to us, you can efficiently cut costs upto 60%. We will pair you with our skilled .Net developers who are just right for your project. Contact us today for your unique requirements.

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