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Low-code Application Development: The Next-Gen Innovation

June 30, 2020

The digital era exists in a dynamic business environment. With technology advancing every day, the markets and demands also change drastically. This is why enterprises have to be flexible to provide innovative business solutions quickly. The traditional development process is slow and complicated. It can take a number of months. With the modern Low-code Application Development Solution, business software can be created much easily in a span of a few weeks.

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What is Low Code Development?

This method is a visual development process to create applications. It allows developers with varying levels of experience to create web and mobile applications. They can use drag and drop elements and smart directed logic through a graphic UI. Here, developers who do not have the technical knowledge support, expert developers, by assisting in infrastructure roles. Together, a unique application is created in a lesser time frame, when compared to the traditional development process.

Why is Low-Code the Next-Gen Innovation?

  • Creating innovative applications

We have explored abundant technologies like Blockchain, IoT, AI and Machine learning, all useful to create unique and new applications. With the best low-code platforms, we can harness these technologies to the maximum potential and integrate them to create operative archetypes. Business developers will emphasise to create better and great applications for different brands.

  • Customer Engagement

One of the main factors behind increasing conversion rates is building customer engagement. With low-code platforms, create applications which gain fulfilment, recall and income, providing customers with a friendly user interface. Build UI frameworks with patterns, widgets and building blocks to develop engaging apps. These elements are accustomed to working with the design language of your team.

  • Efficiency in Operating

Any technology is efficient only when it uses minimum resources for maximum results, increasing quality and accuracy. Low-code platforms make application development an easier process. It obtains data and involves unique connectors for combining the apps to the central systems.

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The Transformation and Impact

The low-code application development process has impacted the business sector significantly.  Let’s see in detail how has it transformed over the period.

Growth of Employees – The low-code platforms have provided an opportunity for the employees to find their potential and grow. These employees understand everyday issues, working style, requirements and business challenges. Low-code applications will let them solve these problems and create strategies for better working of the enterprise. It has been observed that when these employees get to work with low-code tools, the company has been moving in the right direction for more innovation and creativity.

Effective workflow – In order to maintain a streamlined workflow, the IT department and Business processes have to work together. When employees begin to work with technology, the results are faster and more effective. The cost of development also decreases to a great level.  Apps are required to be flexible so that they can be modified as per the changing demands. The traditional process for this is expensive and time-consuming. But, with low-code platforms, integrating applications has become easier.

Consumes less time – IT sectors have found this technology to be time-saving. There is a constant demand for new applications, and sometimes it becomes difficult to fulfil all of them with limited resources. With low-code platforms, some of the work is given to other teams which means that the IT sector can focus on more important issues to take the enterprise forward.

Faster Development – With low-code technology, the speed of application development has been impacted to a large extent.  There are endless projects that the It department has to handle. When employees start using this technology there is better and faster development of applications. The IT sector is no longer liable to complete the work alone, reducing their work pressure. The employees have the necessary tools to create applications.

Improved Client satisfaction – Every developer works to achieve client satisfaction. A great app will build engagement, bring in users and increase conversion rates. With improved services, faster replies and better product deliveries, users are likely to come back to your application for more services. Low-code is a great tool to help businesses keep up with the changing market trends and customer demands.

Why Choose Low-Code Platforms?

A number of people have found low-code platforms beneficial for their organisations.  There are surveys conducted to find how these platforms have benefitted people globally. It was found that half of the people across all age groups, started developing their own applications immediately. Some users focus on improving existing applications. In both cases, people found this technology advantageous. When employees got a chance, they felt more respected and appreciated. They could create applications for their own company, which felt amazing. In addition, a lot of people feel their existing skills for developing applications has increased and they learnt new things. These skills also helped people get promotions. In addition, people saw their creativity and intelligence come out to tackle new challenges.

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Low-code application development is the future of software development. In the coming years, there will an increase in the usage of this technology. The business challenges are getting tougher and so are the solutions. Techcronus offers you with smart business solutions, to get a step ahead in the game. With years of experience, we support employees to get out there and create some amazing applications, without coding. You can create your application and customise it as per your requirements.

We first focus on creating a solution for your brand. Once it’s done, we can easily adapt to the coming challenges and possibilities.  The applications are flexible to be updated and changed as per the market demands.  With the expert developers from Techcronus, applications will be more user-friendly, improved UI, customised and mobile.  We are ready to transform the business sector with innovative and seamless web and mobile applications. We hope you to be on board with us. Let’s find out how we can help your business grow and expand. Contact us now.

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