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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 Sales vs Salesforce CRM – In-depth Comparison

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 Sales vs Salesforce CRM – In-depth Comparison

November 30, 2022

When it comes to choosing CRM software for business, two big players stand out on top in the market – Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 Sales & Salesforce CRM.

CRM is essential for every business across the globe to reduce operating costs and improve business profitability by automating processes that encourage customer satisfaction & customer retention rate.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 Sales provides a 360-degree view to your business with its cloud-based business applications platform and offers amazing built-in features and advanced intelligence, which help your business drive sales productivity, cultivate more profitable customer relationships, and help you clinch more deals.

Salesforce CRM is a cloud-based software that helps businesses find more prospects, pull off more deals, and boost customers’ satisfaction for future sales. It strengthens communication between teams and fosters your business sales productivity.

How do CRM works?

  1. The Marketing Cloud app sends personalized messages to targeted prospects at the platform where there are higher chances of engagement with them.
  2. Whenever a customer sees your ad and clicks on it, an automated message is sent to the sales team to notify them about a new customer lead.
  3. Cloud Sales notifies everyone on the sales team regarding new sales leads, and the sales team can see and share all relevant customer information with the sales rep, which they use to close the deal.

Difference between Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 Sales & Salesforce CRM

Let us walk you through the difference between Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 & Salesforce CRM to help you decide which one is the best.

1. Pricing

Regarding pricing, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 is more expensive than Salesforce CRM by almost double pricing. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 comes at the cost of close to $50 per month compared to Salesforce CRM, which is around $25 per month.

Once you begin to scale up Salesforce CRM, it will become more costly for you in the long term compared to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365, which is an efficient costing plan for you as you tend to add more software over time.

2. Built-in apps

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 comes with a fully integrated MS Office Suite, one of the most effective tools for all types of businesses.

MS Office suite offers you Excel, OneDrive, & Outlook, which you can access from anywhere without downloading additional apps.

Salesforce integrates with Outlook & Gmail and is not open-source, which may require downloading an additional app.

3. User Interface

Salesforce offers modern-tech UI, which might become difficult for users to navigate and use. While Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 is one of the more straightforward CRM software for the generation & customization of reports.

4. Business Type

Salesforce CRM is the best option for small-scale businesses & new start-ups because it is less costly. However, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 is the best option for mid-size & large-scale businesses for a long-term period, as the bundle add-ons will be expensive in Salesforce CRM in the long term.

5. Time Efficiency

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 is easy to maintain, store & access data from anywhere through built-in OneDrive, making it less time-consuming & efficient as users can access and work on the data from anywhere and save it in OneDrive to re-access it in the future.

Salesforce CRM can be more time-consuming due to its modern-day tech-filled UI, which will take time to understand and is a bit stiff to maintain compared to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365.

6. On-Site

If you want to get CRM on-site, then Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 is the best option over Salesforce CRM, which is entirely cloud-based. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 gives clients freedom in terms of choosing the hosting platform & more development flexibility.

7. Security

Regarding security, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 provides the best security to its users in terms of data recovery, backups, and network security with its strict security model, which includes three types of security: Role-based security, record-based security, & field-level security.

Salesforce is a massive platform with different elements, functions, and options, and any attacks on these may subject to risk on configuration & Salesforce CRM doesn’t provide strict high-level security like Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 to provide safeguarding against vigorous cyber-attacks.

8. Automated features & AI

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 offers comprehensive automated features & AI which help the sales team to understand their potential customers better, schedule time for sending emails, monitor social media channels, and use the business social platform LinkedIn to the fullest, which comes as part of MS Dynamics.

Salesforce CRM doesn’t offer a set of comprehensive automated features & AI that Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 offers. Due high learning curve issue in Salesforce CRM and, the cluttered interface & poor customer support, it doesn’t make a great option.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 overpowers Salesforce CRM when it comes to offering multiple benefits in terms of automated features & AI, an easy learning curve, an organized interface, accessibility, security, excellent customer support, time-saving, and the best pricing in long-term duration for mid-size & large-scale businesses.

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