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App Development Cost

Cost Of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

September 28, 2020

What’s the Cost of Outsourcing Mobile App Development?

Have you ever developed a mobile application for your business? Then it would be best if you considered outsourcing Mobile app development. You may find two ways when it comes to app development. Hire an in-house development team or outsource to someone and grow your business. With outsourcing mobile app development, one can shorten time to market. One can improve quality and decrease the costs of your product. Outsource app development cost is a crucial part of any software development company. Can we reduce the cost of outsourcing mobile app development?

And we have good news.  We can reduce the cost to outsource app development without losing quality. With outsourcing software development, big enterprises and newborn start-ups get more benefits. Let’s move on to understand what outsourced app development costs. And why it is essential for any business.

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Understand the benefits of outsourcing mobile app development

  • Get an experienced team with excellent knowledge

One can build an in-house team and develop a complex application quickly. You can hire a flexible group of developers and designers if you want to expand the business.

  • Stack up various technology

You’ll find multiple app development companies who hire different programming languages and systems. By hiring Android and iOS developer, we can collaborate and get better results.

  • Significant Cost and Time

In a few areas, the cost of living is low and can save a lot on your budget. With using time efficiency, one can get a pool of specialists and a big team that you’ll work with.

  • Time Zones can work as an advantage

Make sure you don’t have much time gap as you won’t be able to interact unless you outsource.

Let’s dive in to know how much Outsource App Development Cost

As you’re now clear with the advantages of outsourcing software development, let’s move on with understanding its budget. There are times when a query arises in your mind. Is offshoring a wise decision? The rates may differ at several locations and vary depending on the country. It depends on several factors, including the app type, app feature, etc. Even a small difference in hourly rates can matter a big for your budget.

Make up your mind that mobile app development isn’t cheap and comes with several functionalities. All it depends on the number of hours spends, stages of deployment, and production, including testing. The app development team required skilled people where the cost is a critical part of Outsourcing Mobile App Development.

Depending on the location, the Outsource App Development Cost varies. The cost may range from $25.000 to $100.000. For a simple range of applications, the complexity and scope change. Let’s take an example that we need to spend $20.000 to $50.000 capacity for a simple application, and for involved one, we need $100.000 to $200.000 to outsource approximately.

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If we consider common application types, then the average cost development would be:

  • City Guide Application- $25.000- $50.000
  • Taxi Booking App – $25.000-$100.000
  • Dating App – $80.000 to $130.000
  • Networking- $25.000
  • Real Estate Applications- $12,000- $15,000
  • Messaging App- $50.000 to $130.000
  • Banking App – $40.000 to $70.000

Note* – It’s an approx. Outsource app development cost that we have mentioned above.


What’s the Outsourcing software development cost in India?

As we know, the mobile application is a long-time investment; finding a realistic price band is imperative. Mostly the cost of outsourcing app development in India ranges from $10k to $70K. Where the Basic range is $5k to the complex app range is $50k.

Why IT companies outsource?

We’ll find countless reasons to outsource, but few familiar once includes enhancing company focus, decrease operating costs, getting access to world-class capabilities, sharing risks with a partner company, freeing resources, and invest them into another task.

What are the ways to outsource?

  • Find out your app requirement

Before you approach any client, you need to understand the requirements of your app. Such like what platform does it support? Does the app have social media integrations? Does it have payment gateways? Has it considered in-app purchases? Does it include monetizing the app etc?

  • Find an outsourcing app company for App Development

One needs to look for the developer’s needs and its compatibility. One can post the requirement on various sites and find the best outsourcing App development company for outsourcing projects.

  • Arrange an interview with a potential bidder

Communicate with the developer before working on your project. Schedule an interview, examine them, and engage appropriately with discussing your project to them. Do talk about NDA terms and make sure you look into company trustworthiness.

  • Visit the firm physically

At this time, the virtual meeting is perfect, but we can’t avoid the best practice to visit the company and interact with the team.

  • Monitor the work and set a milestone

After hiring the developers, it’s your task to push and set a milestone for them. Do not micromanage the team as it will reduce efficiency and will ultimately harm your project.

  • Test and App Release

It’s the end of the project, where your last work is on mobile applications and testing. Hire a mobile app developer and try to eliminate all bugs and release the app.

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Concluding Lines

Today, outsourcing software development companies mostly use and admire several businesses. One can gain outsourcing app development services to free up some time. Spend your time on pre-launch and marketing your application.

If you’re looking for an excellent app development team, we are the right pick for you. We always provide viable solutions to offer reduced outsource app development costs. Our outsourcing team solves complex queries and help you by providing excellent services. Connect with us if you’re looking for a reliable outsourcing team.

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