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Offshore Software Development With Agile Approach

June 29, 2019

Building a new digital product isn’t a simple task. One needs to efficiently map and manage timelines, budget, resources, people and needs to ensure that coordination is effective so the efforts invested lead to business growth. Due to limitations in budget, time or lack of skilled people; many businesses prefer offshore software development so that they can focus on their business growth.

This approach frees you from all the hassle you had to take when it comes to technicalities of software development and gives to a chance to have a higher Return on Investment.

Different Ways To Approach Offshore Software Development With Us

There are different ways to offshore your software development project. Let us have a look at some of these different ways to approach it.

Outsource your entire project:

Your company can choose to will outsource all activities which include programming and software development. We will take care of creation, development, implementation and maintenance of your IT project. We will be able to maintenance remotely as available technologies allows us to remotely connect to far away systems.

Hire a team of developers:


Another way to approach and outsource your software development project is hire a team of experienced developers which meets your business needs and suits your technical requirements. No matter how complicated your business processes and design requirements are, our team of experienced developers can deliver robust, secure and highly cost-effective agile improved solutions for your business.

Challenges in Offshore Software Development

Challenges in Offshore

There are few challenges faced by businesses and companies who are willing to outsource their project or who already have outsourced their project. Let us have a look at some of the challenges:

Giving work to companies who don’t have expertise:

Cloud Computing can be referred to as computer programs being outsourced. The programs are hosted by a third-party. Anyone can access their data from any part of the globe. There are three types of Cloud Computing. Let’s understand them in detail.

Some companies may offer you the lowest cost but they might not be able to understand and implement your business and technical requirements. These kinds of companies hope that they will convert the client. If they are somehow lucky, they manage to get the project completed.

Wrong collaboration model:

When there one Project Manager on client side and another project manager at development service provider side, wrong collaboration model may create communication gaps. Information needs to be effectively communicated to the developers so that they can take action.


Most of the times development service provider is willing to hide the programmers or developers from client company as they are not willing to pass on too much knowledge about client’s internal processes. This may also create communication problems if vision and brief of client is not properly briefed to the developers.

Grow your business to greater heights ?

Our Approach Towards Solutions For Making It Work Client involvement:

As a client, your active involvement makes you ensured that right people are working on your project.

Value based collaboration:

Integrity, trust and respect are the values which matter to us when we working together. We ensure that this is represented well in the work which we deliver to your team.


Instead of the Project Manager and Sales Manager communicating with the client all the time, developers and programmers involved should also communicate with the client to ensure that entire team is well aware of business requirements, design expectations and technical requirements.

How Agile Offers Improved Solutions To Business

Agile is not a single method; it is framework which defines methods and best practices for software development. Agile helps to establish an environment where solutions emerge.

We follow SCRUM & Kanban practices of Agile development for managing software product development or application development where our software development team collaborate with customer project stakeholders at every phase of the project to deliver a market-ready software. To facilitate successful execution of agile development process, we use various tools like JIRA, Assembla, and Bitbucket.

Advantages of Agile:

  • Deployment is quicker thus deployment also happens quicker.
  • Can easily adapt to changing requirements.
  • Immediate feedback helps to improve the software in the next increment.
  • Attention to technicalities and aesthetics.

Start Offshore Software Development With Us!

Working with an experienced offshore software development company is the only way to ensure that there are no hurdles when it comes to offshore software development of your project. We are one of the top offshore software development companies in India. We also offer native mobile app development as well as custom web development services in India and USA. Connect with us to head start your offshore software development with us.

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