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Top 5 UX Tips To Improve Mobile App Design

June 24, 2019

Great UX and elegant UI is essential for the design of the mobile app. The importance of UX in mobile app design can’t be overlooked as more and more users are shifting to mobile apps. Let us share the top 5 UX Tips to improve mobile app design.

User Experience and User Interface one of the parameters that make an application engaging and easy to use. Some mobile apps which are designed without solid UX and UI may not be able to provide a great experience.

How User Experience Improves Mobile App Design?


User Experience focused on improving your user’s overall experience when they interact with your mobile application. The main objective of an excellent UX is to achieve optimal user experience. A user persona is one of the critical aspects to consider when your focus is on developing an app which provides a good user experience.

Top 5 Ux Tips To Improve Mobile App Design

Let us share some tips with which will allow you to improve the UX and design of your mobile application. You can also consider these tips as mobile UX design principles or mobile app design best practices.

Retain Uniformity


When you are designing a mobile application, you should define a standard for use of colors, typography, icons and image style as well. This will ensure a consistent experience across entire user journey. You should ensure that all elements are elegant yet simple.

Keep it Simple


Make toggling and navigation easy and simple for users. A new user who recently downloaded your application; should not go through a learning curve to use your game or application. You should identify touch-points which allow you to improve user interaction with your application.

Apple recommends that for UI design for mobile apps; the 44-pixel square is an appropriate size for a touch. You should build your application considering this aspect and make sure that while the user is tapping on any button, he or she must not hit another element.

Focus On Faster Loading Speeds

Speed is an essential aspect of mobile user interface design principles. Users always wish to complete a task in the application in as early as possible. Thus, they prefer an application with a short loading time. Ideally, an application should launch within 3-5 seconds. The longer the loading time your app, the higher the chances of your user moving to another app.

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Focus On Your Intended Audience

intended design

An application with built with a focus on UX and UI should keep in mind the target market. Your target audience should find the app valuable and should satisfy their needs.

You will need to conduct market research to create an app that meets the needs of your target audience. Market research will allow understanding user, and because of that, you can come up with an app that solves their problems.

UX for Business Point of View

UX plays a significant role in mobile application design and development. From a business point of view; UX focuses on user satisfaction and pleasure. It is important to consider user needs and provide users a satisfactory experience to build the brand value and reputation of your business. Great UX and great design can grab consumer attention and can generate more revenue from your company’s products. Hence UX and UI have become a significant part of today’s businesses.

UX deals with customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retaining customers. When you are dealing with UX, you are dealing with different people having different needs and mixed emotions.

Businesses which can create positive user experiences can achieve a large number of loyal customer base. We must not forget that; a satisfied customer becomes advocate of your brand. Brand which offer high levels of usability in their products and services are more likely to be recommended to user’s friends and family members.

We hope that this article will help you to understand importance of UX and UI design in Mobile Application Development. You must build the UX before UI to achieve a satisfactory customer experience. Building and following mobile app design guidelines will ensure that UX and UI are in-sync and work hand-in-hand to provide a great experience and ease of use to users of your mobile application.

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