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Python Programming Language for Beginners

December 31, 2020

Python programming language developed by Guido van Rossum in 1989 and released in 1991. It’s a language of choice and most popular among programmers and developers. In Python the code written in plain English and in readable mode. The source code executes line by line to help programmers write clearly and logically.

Python is a revolutionary language that owns Python Software Foundation with a mission to promote and protect the language. The language can code to distinguish between colors and recognize faces using the Internet of Things. By using these powerful technologies, you can get endless real-life options that match made in heaven.

Quick Questionnaires for the Beginners

What is Python programming language used for?

Python used for general purpose and help in creating the Desktop GUI applications, web frameworks, and web applications.

Is Python a scripting language?

Python is both a programming language and a scripting language. A scripting language can work based on automating a repeated task like the execution of a program. If you’re familiar with C++ or Java, then Python helps to mold you with this programming language.

Why learn Python Programming Language?

It’s a high-level programming language that’s easy to learn. The code writing is natural and easy to read and understand. The python programming language runs on any platform that ranges from Windows to Linux to Macintosh, Solaris, etc. Check some reasons to learn Python.

Why learn Python Programming Language?

It’s a high-level programming language that’s easy to learn. The code writing is natural and easy to read and understand. The python programming language runs on any platform that ranges from Windows to Linux to Macintosh, Solaris, etc. Check some reasons to learn Python.

Simple and Easy to Learn

Python is extremely simple and easy to learn. It’s a powerful language that closely resembles the English Language. Let’s check by one small example:





public class Hello {

public static void main(String[ ] args) {




Print (“Hello”)

Data Science

Python development is a leading language that most data scientists prefer. Several academic scholars and other private researchers use MATLAB language to release Python numerical engines. It includes Numpy and Pandas. Python deals with tabular as well as statistical data that visualize it with popular libraries such as Matplotlib and Seaborn.

Scripting and Automation

Python is a programming language and can use as a scripting language. In the scripting language,

  • The code is written in the form of a script and get executed
  • Error checking is done during run time
  • Machine learning read and interprets the code

Big Data

Python handles Big Data with ease. It comes with parallel computing where one can use Python for Hadoop. There’s a library available in Python called Pydoop where you can write MapReduce program in Python and process data present in the HDFS cluster. Few other libraries available are Dask and Pyspark used for big data processing.

Testing and Framework

Using Python is great for validating ideas for established companies. It built on a testing framework that covers the fastest and debugging workflows. Few modules and tools make things easier, like splinter and selenium. In addition, the testing comes with cross-platform and cross-browser framework support.

Computer Graphics

Python is a language that used in small, large, online, and offline projects. It used to provide a fast and easy way to create applications. It used in gaming development where the logic written and used as a module to run on android devices.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the next significant development happening in the tech world. Users can make mimic the human brain that has the power to think and make decisions. Technology gives the ability to learn without programming.

Web Development

It comes with an array of a framework for web development. Some popular frameworks are Flask, Python Django, etc. Using web scraping one can fetch details from any other website. In addition, you’ll surprise to hear that many popular websites like Instagram, Pinterest, and many more built on these frameworks.

Extensive and Portable

Python programming language comes with extensive and portable properties that allow performing cross-language operations seamlessly. It supports platforms that present in the industry ranging from Windows to Linux to Solaris, Macintosh, and many more.

Is it easy to learn Python?

Python is a language that’s easy to learn and ideal for the first programming language learner. As it’s simple, it’s popular across the world. Check a few of the highlights for its aesthetics:

  • Superior String Manipulation
  • Suitable for many platforms
  • Dynamic and Elegant
  • Clean Visual Layout
  • Less Syntactic Exceptions
  • Highly Readable Language
  • Interpreted Nature

Is Python available free?

Of course. Python is an open-source programming language used freely for everyone. It backed by a growing ecosystem of open-source packages and libraries. Suppose you’re a beginner and interested to work on Python, download, and install. It’s available free, download from its official website:

We hope you enjoyed reading and find this blog informative. The sound insight of what programming language is a must for any beginners. Now, go ahead. Practice the most popular python language. Want to use Python for back end related task? Or, confused about how to develop complex websites and web apps using Python. Hire Python Developer and get your work done with ease. We have a team of powerful Python developers who’ll help to manipulate data accurately. Hire one today!

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