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React Native vs Flutter: Everything You Need to Know in 2020

August 20, 2021

In today’s digital era, companies have found a new way of growing and expanding. The advent of smartphones has opened the door to new opportunities. With smartphones being used everywhere; companies want to grow big on the digital platform. This is being done through mobile applications for both iOS and Android. With the latest app development technologies like Flutter vs React Native, this task has become easier than ever.

Flutter was introduced by Google whereas React Native was launched by Facebook. Both technologies provide cutting edge results for developing cross-platform mobile applications. With Flutter and React Native, an application can be created for both iOS and Android without changing the language. Let’s understand which technology would suit your brand the most and how will it help you grow your enterprise.

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Google launched this project in 2017 and have been advertising this technology on a larger scale. This technology is a compact UI kit which is built for creating cross-platform applications for mobile phones, web and desktops. It uses Dart as it’s a programming language for creating the codebase. Since it follows the same codebase across all platforms, the application works similarly for all.

Enterprises can create unique native applications for their brands using Flutter. It provides you with a variety of options like proprietary widget sets, owner widgets and a customized UI design.

React Native

Facebook created this technology for app development in 2015. It is being used widely by a number of businesses, creating a large community in the digital space. It works through JavaScript creating cross-platform native applications for iOS and Android. It utilizes native segments for working. This means that with every UI update, the app’s segments will also be upgraded automatically.  This will prevent the UI from breaking and provide a seamless experience.

With this evolving technology, any enterprise can expand their operations and grow. It uses JavaScript which allows companies globally to adapt to the framework. It is based on the Flux structure developed by Facebook. But, is React Native better than Flutter? Let’s compare both cutting-edge technologies.

Flutter Vs React Native

Still, confused between both and wondering which one would be a better option? We know the basics, now we will dwell into the technical part. Let’s create a comparison between both the app development technologies.

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Sharing Code

Flutter provides a sharing code for both iOS and Android. But, it is working to develop integrated methods where applications for both platforms can be created for the web, desktop and mobile phones, through the same code. On the other hand, Flutter allows you to use the same code for iOS , Android, web and desktop applications. You can get a shared code from your current iOS or Android and use it as a separate trajectory. This also lets developers focus on a single code, rather than worrying for different codes across different platforms.


Flutter has been growing swiftly with an increase in usage and popularity. With regular improvements, it is working to provide one codebase for all platforms including the web. It provides a good form to the application because of its various widget options. In comparison, React Native has been actively working for more than five years now. A huge number of large companies are already using this technology for developing their applications. Its working system is easy to understand and adapt. In addition, the same code works across all platforms.

End Result

With Flutter, the need for a medium for communicating with native elements is eliminated. It has in-built components which do not necessarily require another medium. But, React Native works in a slightly different manner. It requires JavaScript to act as a communication medium for Java modules, which may lead to a decline in performance.

Installation Process

Flutter requires downloading a binary from a specific platform called Github. If you have a Mac operating system, you can download the zip file and combine it with a variable folder. If you install React Native, you will need a Node Package Manager. In case you don’t have any background knowledge on javascript, this can be a difficult step. As a developer, you have to find out the exact binary location. If you are using a Mac OS, you will also need the HomeBrew Package and run a few commands to install React Native.

UI Elements

With Flutter, you get a range of rich UI components. It includes gadget API access, navigation, trial, UI rendering elements and a ton of libraries. With this framework, you basically get all the tools for app development in a single package. You also get widgets for designing. React Native has lesser components in comparison to Flutter. It provides you with UI rendering and gadget Access API. You have to depend on third-party for libraries. This means that it cannot work properly without the support of third-parties.

User Interface

This depends on the components used by both the app development technologies. Flutter uses widgets for material whereas React Native depends on the native elements. The framework of Flutter sounds more exciting due to various options for a custom UI design. On the other hand, React Native works as a more dynamic technology. It has a framework which builds an engaging user experience.

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Like every other technology, React Native and Flutter have their merits and demerits. Both technologies work for cross-platform app development. In order to choose any one of these technologies, you need to understand the pros and cons of using them. Analyze which would suit your requirements the best. React Native has been in the market for five years now but  Flutter is a new player in the game and has been going strong so far.  With two competitive technologies, it depends on the budding enterprises to choose which one works for them the most. Both work well but the end result also depends on your core developer team. Ensure that your developer of the team is reliable and reputed. With the right team, your business can reach great heights. Contact the Experts Now!

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