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The Rise of Chatbots

August 19, 2021

Today’s digital era has witnessed a rise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots. A large number of business organizations are depending on Chatbots for serving various purposes, like customer service, email replies, messaging and much more.

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, business firms have found numerous ways to grow their operation scale and flourish in the global market. With technological advances every day, it has become impossible for enterprises to survive in the competition, without using AI or Chatbots.

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What are Chatbots?

A Chatbot is a program design based on Artificial Intelligence. It is a computer-automated project, which uses data analytics. It operates through algorithms, which lets them talk to humans through text or audio. The communication is mechanized through a website or a mobile application. Today, Chatbots are also created through Neuro-Linguistic programming and Machine Learning, as they infer lessons from past experiences and perform in a similar manner next time.

The increasing number of Chatbots being deployed for various purposes has tremendously changed the way firms create customer engagement. A number of websites have seen a substantial rise in the time duration of the customer staying and surfing the web page. This ingenious technology has reduced the operating costs of a large number of firms, by halves.

Are Chatbots reliable?

In today’s multimedia world, the usage of Chatbots is not limited to customer care services. They are used for answering questions, giving recommendations, planning events, booking flights or hotels, taking up orders and such. Initially, business organizations used chatbots for providing users with a unique customer care experience. Chatbots can work all year round without getting tired. Unlike humans, they can answer the same question 100 times. Companies found their operation costs being reduced, after replacing real people with chatbots for providing customer services.

Research says that people do not mind conversing with a chatbot until they get their responses quickly. Users want the availability of customer service 24×7, and chatbots have made this possible. They just want to be informed beforehand, if they are conversing with a chatbot. This makes it easier for customers to communicate their queries. A number of business firms prefer chatbots over real people due to a variety of reasons. Some of them are listed below:

Reasons For Choosing Chatbots Over Real People

1. Immediate response for queries

Irrespective of the number of queries, a chatbot can easily handle all the questions. It instantly answers the questions, avoiding the waiting period for the customers.

2. Make bookings for events, flights, and hotels

Before booking a flight or a hotel, customers may have a number of queries regarding cost, quality of the service, safety and such. The chatbots answer such questions innumerable times for the customers. This also saves the company’s funds to a large extent.

3. Get personalized recommendations

With chatbots, you get personalized recommendations for a variety of things. From shopping cart to food suggestions, you can easily get options as per your preferences. This will also allow the customer care team to focus on other important queries.

4. Approve orders and track transportation

After purchasing anything online, you may wish to track your shipping information. Instead of checking your mail, and opening the tracking link for your product, chatbots can easily help you with your purchase details. In some business organizations, you just need to enter your Product ID, and the chatbot will provide you with the relevant information.

5. Making Product promotions

Chatbots are useful, particularly in the marketing sector. Today’s generation would find conversations interesting rather than surveys. In order to promote your product and create a marketing strategy, a company requires information about its target group. By conversing them through games, quizzes, daily tasks and such, a chatbot can easily extract that information from the customers. This will help the marketing department of a firm to plan their strategies, for product promotion.

In order to understand the reliability of chatbots, let’s have a look at some examples. Here, companies are running their operations successfully with the help of a Chatbot.

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Woebot Therapy

This chatbot is equipped with training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It operates through Facebook messenger, treating people suffering from depression. The AI-based chatbot aims to spread mental health awareness and help people with their mental wellness. It works by keeping a check on the user’s mood swings and analyzing the common patterns. It considers different things like what did the user do in the whole day, how did his day go and how does he feel at that moment. Then, Woebot shares personalized videos and messages to help the user fight with his depression.

The Beauty Gifter

L’Oreal, being one of the most established brands globally, has introduced a chatbot through Facebook Messenger, called the ‘Beauty Gifter’. It aims to provide users with a unique shopping experience. It customizes products according to user preferences and interests. It recommends the best products from 11 different L’Oreal brands.  This chatbot has transformed the dynamics of customer engagement in comparison to email marketing.

Sephora on Kik

The popular messaging mobile application ‘Kik, launched the ‘Sephora’ Chatbot. The chatbot provides users with a one to one conversation, where they get beauty tips, product suggestions, product evaluation and much more. This allows people to purchase products directly through Kik while getting information about different products through Sephora. People can easily select from a range of given options, and the chatbot will help them with the product details.

Chatbots Integration Services

Do you need to create, connect, and set up an AI bot that interacts automatically?

Techcronus Business Solutions not only develops AI chatbots that can be deployed on all the famous messaging applications but also integrates it together with your line of enterprise applications. And with advances in synthetic intelligence, natural language processing, and device learning, chatbots can now recognize queries just like the people and reply to queries inside the least viable time.

Integrate your other call center chatbots with any inner organization database or third-birthday party database in your end-person to have suitable human-like responses. Your chatbot will be able to get right of entry to the facts stored within the following systems:

1.) SharePoint and Office 365

2.) CRM Applications

3.) Enterprise Content Management

4.) ERP Systems

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Chatbots have proved to be a valuable asset for business organizations globally. They perform numerous tasks including customer care service, booking flights or making hotel reservations, tracking shipments, immediate response for questions, collecting feedback from customers, building an effective email-list and much more. Companies love the idea of chatbots due to its outstanding features.

The firms using AI-based chatbots for their daily operations have reduced their costs to a large extent. They are encouraged to work with chatbots pertaining to the positive feedback from the customers. Currently, the use of artificial technology in the business sector has just started. In the coming years, it is going to reach up to its full potential, unveiling new features which will drastically change the current market scenario.

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