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Reasons Your Business Needs to Use the Microsoft Power Platform in 2022

Reasons Your Business Needs to Use the Microsoft Power Platform in 2022

August 10, 2022

Microsoft Power Platform is a suite of business applications and services that help organizations manage their daily activities and operations and improve efficiency and productivity in the process. It is a combination of Power BI, Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, Power Automate and newly launched Power Pages. This ‘low-code/no-code set of tools operates within Microsoft 365 and helps you create custom business applications. The various components of the Microsoft Power Platform are built on the CDS or Common Data Service (now known as Dataverse) for Apps. They can be used alone or in combination with other applications as well.

In short, the Microsoft Power Platform is a powerful tool in the hands of a business when used efficiently. Let us take a look at the various reasons why it is so.

Ideal for Hybrid and Remote Work 

The COVID pandemic forced businesses to work in a remote setup. However, the flexibility of such a setup has made it the norm. With more and more companies opting for remote or hybrid work, the technology has to rise to meet this need.

Microsoft Power Platform has many options that can make remote working possible. Create custom apps to manage activities like appraisal, attendance etc. Automate processes with Power Automate allows mundane day-to-day tasks to be automated to free up a valuable workforce.

Unified Platform for Business Processes

Coordinating work on many platforms takes a lot of time and effort. Integrating applications on one platform saves time and makes work processes smoother. Microsoft Power Platform does precisely this. An enterprise-grade platform lets you manage all the work in one place. It has a unified dashboard that enables you to optimize, customize, add tools, and generate and view reports from one place.

Low Code App Development

The know-how in coding is no longer an obstacle to creating applications that suit your needs. With Microsoft Power Platform, you can create apps that you know will work best for your organization. Instead of painstakingly conveying a business’s needs to a coding expert, the intended end-user can build the app. This also cuts down the expenses the organization has to face.

Cut Down On Unnecessary Expenses

The Microsoft Power Platform offers many new opportunities to cut costs. One of the major ones is the ability to develop apps without the help of coding expertise. This saves the company from having to hire a new workforce. Employees from a non-IT background can also develop apps for the business.

Another major cost-saving comes in the form of making informed decisions. With insights from Power BI, businesses can work more efficiently, serve customers better, and at the end of the day, find ways to create more profit and cut costs.

Automate Business Processes 

Automation is quickly becoming an indispensable feature in every workplace. There will always be repetitive and mundane work that is better off automated. With Power Platform, you can automate work processes. The most significant advantage of this is it makes the business more efficient and allows time for more productive work.

Compliance and information security 

Businesses have a hectic time trying to stay up to date with compliance and security measures. With the internet crawling with cyber criminals, companies must constantly be on guard with cybersecurity measures. Maintaining compliance and employee regulation is vital to avoid consequences.

With Power Apps, you can easily automate compliance and information protection processes. Automatically deleting sensitive data and tagging sensitivity labels with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) ensures that those with permission only access the sensitive data.

Final Thoughts

Business dynamics are rapidly changing today. How companies operate is drastically different today than merely a decade ago. Technology has transformed business, thanks to innovations at every turn, and with it, business priorities. Microsoft Power Platform is a game-changer for businesses. It could be what you need to turn your business around for good.

Implementing the right technology takes an expert. Techcronus is a global provider of Enterprise Business Solutions, operating worldwide since 2010. We develop modern software solutions for businesses of every kind using Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 product suites.

If you need assistance with Microsoft Power Platform implementation in your business, trust us to do the job for you. Contact us today to know more.

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